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3-bet FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: How Do You 3-Bet?

This poker move is seen as a way to maximise value. But is it always that easy? We’re here to answer that and more in our 3-bet FAQs.

3-bet FAQs

What is a poker 3-bet?

This has got to be one of the most common 3-bet FAQs. Put simply, a 3-bet is where a player re-raises after a pre-flop raise. The third bet, if you will. The first (if you’re playing Omaha, Hold’em or Six Plus) is the blind, the second is the raise and the third is your re-raise. It’s a 3-bet.

What’s the point of a 3-bet in poker?

This is a move often used by aggressive players, but is relevant to many playing styles. Everyone should 3-bet once in a while.

In short, it can force players to fold and show you who the weaker players are. It puts you in the driving seat of the move. And, crucially, it can build your stack in a cash game or a tournament.

Should you 3-bet when you’re bluffing?

A 3-bet in a bluff is a risky move, but one that can certainly pay off. It can increase the payoff and, potentially, increase the potential losses too. We think it’s best to 3-bet as a bluff against players you suspect are raising without anything too special, or who are themselves bluffing…

But remember to always keep your pot odds in mind.

What are the different 3-bet ranges?

Another one of those useful 3-bet FAQs is exploring 3-bet ranges. They are strong range (where you only bet with super strong hands like pocket aces and kings), polarized range (where you 3-bet with both great hands and the odd weaker hands) and merged range (where you 3-bet with the top 5% or so of hands).

Beginner players tend to focus more on strong range 3-bets. However, your opponents might catch on to that fast and call your bluff. Meanwhile, merged ranges are best suited to poker players who are very experienced. We think polarized ranges are probably your best bet if you’re a novice or medium-weight player. Our tip is to stick to suited connectors as your weaker hands, to give you more potential to hit post-flop.

Helpful examples of 3-betting in poker

Now that we’ve tackled some 3-bet FAQs, let’s take a look at a few examples.

In position 3-bets

In position 3-bets are when you’re in a late position. This means you can see how the game is playing out before you make your move.

For example, you’re on the button with a pocket aces. The blind is 20 chips. Everyone folds except one person. They raise to 40 chips. You re-raise (ie 3-bet) to 80 chips. There’s an ace on the flop. You bet 100 chips, they fold.

Out of position 3-bets

When you’re out of position, it pays to be a little more aggressive with your 3-betting. This is so you can take charge of the game, despite not having the benefit of position to see how things play out. If your opponent wants to keep playing, they’ll have to pay for the privilege of their position.

For example, you’re the small blind with pocket kings. Everyone folds except the player on the button, who raises to 40 chips. Now when the play moves to you, you re-raise by 120 chips and your opponent folds.

New to 3-bets? Try it out online first

Sometimes it’s easier to get your head around a poker play when you don’t have to look people in the whites of their eyes, whether that’s at a poker night or at a destination casino.

So we’d recommend heading to your favourite online poker room to test out your new 3-bet skills. With a range of tournament options, including Twisters, and buy-in levels, we think bet365 is a great option. Plus new players can use this bet365 bonus code when they sign up.


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