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It’s rather quiet in the world of online poker when it comes to offers from our three featured sites at present, but with Sky Poker’s big UK Six-Maxevent having just finished, we’re pretty sure that there’ll be lots of new promotions on the horizon soon.

So tide us over this week we are going to look at a couple of offers that you may have missed. In the second half of this article we’ll review how 888 Poker are using social media site Twitter to offer new players the chance to play in a brand new event.888 Poker Social Media Promotion

But first, what are you doing this Saturday? Are you heading to the cinema to check out a new film like Guardians of the Galaxy?  Will you be out for a night on the tiles, or at home enjoying some fantastic poker?

If you are the latter then let’s take a look at how Sky Poker customers are being given the chance to decide what their choice of primetime game will be on a Saturday night.

Vote for your favourite primetime poker tournament each Saturday on Sky Poker

Saturday night’s are when most people like to kick back after a long week at work and do something they really enjoy. Whether that is heading out for a night on the town, a few drinks with friends, a family barbecue, taking in a film or just catching up with old friends, Saturday night is all about having your time to have your choice of activity.

So it’s great to see that Sky Poker have decided to get in on the act as from now on, customers on their site will have a say every week in what type of Saturday night main event will be the big attraction of the evening.

To take part in the process, Sky Poker customers are advised to visit the Community section of the website to place their vote, although where exactly you do this isn’t exactly clear!

If you can’t find the place to vote, then keep your eyes peeled on the Tournament tab to see what special event Sky Poker have planned for a Saturday evening, or you could always post a question in the Forum to find out what big event the company has planned.

Remember, if you aren’t already a member of the popular Sky Poker site then you can join today and receive a Sky Poker no deposit bonus of £10 when you do, not to mention a fantastic deposit bonus when you do make your first cash deposit into your account.

Tweet for your seat with 888 Poker’s monthly $888 Twitter Freeroll events

We’ve already seen that lots of poker sites are using the power of social media to help promote their company beyond their app or website. Indeed, Twitter sites and Facebook pages are becoming valuable tools as companies seek to attract new customers, as well as keeping current customers entertained via a host of social media-based offers.

One such offer is currently available from 888 Poker, who are running a monthly social-media competition known as “Tweet for your Seat.”

All you need to do to participate in this offer is to hold an 888 Poker account and a Twitter account. Simply find the official 888 Poker Twitter account and then follow it.

When an “Tweet for your Seat” freeroll is about to be played, 888 Poker will announce the fact on Twitter and they will also announce a special Twitter message, or tweet, that you need to edit your 888 Poker username into.

Once you have edited your name into the message, re-tweet it via your Twitter feed and once you have done this, provided you are quick enough, you will be allocated a free seat in the Twitter Freeroll event on the stated date, which carries a prize fund of $888.

Players will then be able to register for the stated Twitter freeroll six hours before the start of the tournament.

It is worth remembering that only those players who own both an 888 Poker account and a Twitter account and who have followed 888 Poker on Twitter and then re-tweeted the message, with their username included in teh body of the message, will be eligible to take part in the offer.

This is a very simple offer and is available once each month for the foreseeable future and with the number of different ways social media sites are being used to help promote online poker sites and promotions, it only seems likely that offers like this will expand in size and scope in the future.
If you fancy joining 888 Poker and want to take advantage of the 888 Poker no deposit bonus, then click on the link shown previously and you will receive $12 worth of tournament tokens, plus a whole host of other fantastic freebies as a new customer.

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