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An Ode To The Fold

When players are just starting out on the felt, a lot of them wonder, “Is it bad to fold in poker?“. Well we’re here to tell you that NO it’s not bad to fold in poker. In fact, sometimes it’s just about the smartest and ballsiest move you can make. So the next time someone slags you off for folding, tell them to SHOVE IT. Or something more polite and remember this article.

Why is it not bad to fold in poker?

The first thing you should know that when you fold in poker, it’s because you’re going to focus your time, energy and chips on the best hand. That means you’re going to maximise the chances of winning by saying, “See ya later”, to weak hands. In other words, folding weak hands. We’ve basically summed up the whole article in this one answer, but we’re sure there’ll be a few more gems that might interest you about folding if you read on. So please, read on.

When folding starts to haunt you…

We’ve all been there before. You’ve folded a mid-strength hand pre flop. Then low and behold, the exact cards that you needed to make a full house or a straight or whatever pops up. And you’re cursing yourself for folding.

Well stop that right now! Yes, you could’ve won big. But the odds weren’t in your favour. So based on what you knew pre-flop, you made the right call. Simple. Don’t let the fold-hating voices in your head convince you otherwise.

But surely sometimes it is bad to fold?

Okay yes, of course that’s true. You can’t fold all the time and never play a single hand. That’s not going to lead you to success in very many games. The hands you should play pre-flop change depending on a few different scenarios.

As a rule of thumb when you’re playing hold’em and you’re in an early position, you should stick to playing with pocket Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and AK suited.

Then if you’re mid-table, you can play with the super strong hands above, plus pocket 10s, AQ, AJ, KQ (suited) and unsuited AK.

How about late position players? Go for all of those strong cards, plus A10, KJ or QJ suited, pocket 9s and unsuited AQ.

Of course, if things are getting really spicy with pre-flop betting and re-raising, it’s wise to get even more conservative than the rough guide above. Because chances are if people are going all out on their betting, it’s because they’ve got a really hot hand to play with. So watch out!

Now that I know it’s not bad to fold in poker, where should I play?

Equipped with your new found folding confidence, it might be time to play a few hands of poker. And if you want to play online, we’ve got a good option for you in bet365 Poker. There are a brilliant range of cash game tables and tournaments to suit every budget and level of expertise. Plus the promotions are great. Speaking of, you can use this bet365 bonus code to sign up to make the most of your welcome offer.


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