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Best slot themes

Dazzling Themes To Dig Out On Your Next Slots Session

Looking for the best slot themes around? We’ve got a round up of some of the most fun ones that you can give a spin right now.

The variety available at your favourite online casinos might seem dizzying at times. But if you know what you’re looking for and, importantly, what you’re in the mood for, you can narrow down the playing field and find the best slot themes for you.

Small screen hits the slots

Like us, you’re probably well used to spending the evening scroll through Netflix and other streaming sites. Binging the odd thing, half finishing something else… Well what if we told you that you could relive your favourite show while spinning the reels? That’s exactly what many of the cleverest slots companies have done. They’ve relicensed key parts of brilliant TV shows so that you can feel like you’re part of the story. From key scenes to iconic soundtracks to unforgettable storylines (and maybe a few unexpected twists), we think some of the best slot themes start on the small screen first.

Ancient Egypt

What is one of the best slot themes for history lovers? It’s got to be Ancient Egypt. With the iconic pyramids, a touch of mythology and the promise of long forgotten tombs dripping with gold, there’s endless fun to be had. Look out for hieroglyphics on those wilds and get ready for a fun (and perhaps not totally historically accurate) time.

Put on your explorer’s hat

Speaking of Ancient Egypt, maybe you want to go back to the time where so much of the world was left to discover (at least by Europeans). We adore an adventure theme, where we’re on the hunt for buried treasure, going on a quest to uncover something forgotten hundreds of years ago. There’s trepidation, there’s bravery and there’s a real story to these slots games. You’ll certainly feel like you’ve been on a journey after all that!

Fantastical lands

In our opinion, the best slot themes let you really lose yourself in the experience. And there are fewer great ways to do this than to play fantasy-themed slots. Step into an alternate reality where wizards, dragons and other magical creatures are as real as you and me. With a bit of luck and a dose of magic, maybe you’ll strike it lucky with their progressive jackpots

Getting sporty

Love sports? Well them maybe you want to bring a dose of sporting action to your next slots session. Whether it’s footie or American football, horse racing or boxing, you’re going to find a slot that reflects your passion. Just take a quick flick through the offerings on your favourite online casino, and you’re going to find something to tickle your fancy.

Going for the classics

For a dose of nostalgia, try out one of the many retro slots available. These are one of the best slot themes for old-schoolers who like to remember things the way they used to be. They hark back to the beginning of slots history, well over a hundred years ago. So expect plenty of classic symbols like fruits, horseshoes, bells and bars.

And where can I find the best slot themes?

Like we said before, it’s actually not so hard to find a good range of slot themes. Most online casinos have dozens of slots. But what’s not exactly guaranteed is quality. We find some of the best slot themes on some of the best quality slots when we’re looking at reliable, well-known online casinos. And they don’t get more reliable or well-known than bet365. There are always a good few solid promotions on the go. Plus we’ve got this sweet bet365 bonus code for newbies…


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