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UK tennis bonuses Bet 365 SkyBet

Exploring The Hidden Value Of Bet365 Sports Tennis Bonus

UK tennis bonuses Bet 365 SkyBetOne of the most pleasing aspects about Bet365 Sports is the fact that many of their best bonuses are available every day, 365 days a year.

While other companies may offer specific bonuses or promotions that are linked with a specific sporting event, tournament or competition, perhaps even a specific fixture, Bet365 Sport takes a different view offering a number of top quality promotions all year around.

One of the most popular of these is the 100% Euro Soccer Bonus, which is a bonus that is payable on successful accumulator bets of three selections on more on fixtures from top European Leagues and the Champions League.

While the Euro Soccer Bonus is well known amongst the Bet365 soccer betting fraternity, what is perhaps less well known is that if you are a fan of tennis, then there is a very similar offer available to you with Bet365. It’s called the Tennis Accumulator Bonus and it can offer you a bonus on your winning accumulator of between 5% and 50% of your total winnings.

Let’s take a closer look at how Bet365’s Tennis Accumulator Bonus works, what competitions you can bet on, what markets and lastly, how large the potential payouts are if you manage to land a successful acca bet of two selections or more.

Of course, to take advantage of everything Bet365 has to offer fans of tennis, first you’ll need to join the site. Doing so is a quick process and of course as a new UK player, you’ll be entitled to claim a Bet365 new player offer as well – just click the link to learn more.

How to access Bet365’s Tennis Accumulator Bonus

Tennis is one of the most commonly contested sports across the globe with matches taking place every day of the week at a variety of levels within the game. This means that there is usually a high number of games available to bet on at Bet365 Sports and within each game, there is also a number of different markets that you can bet on.

So it is therefore important to be clear as to which matches and also which betting markets on those matches, you are permitted to bet on to participate in the Bet365 Tennis Acca Bonus.

Let’s first identify which tournament and matches you are allowed to make selections from to formulate your accumulator bet. You can pick any singles or doubles match (including men’s, women’s and mixed doubles) from any of the following tours or competitions:

  • Any Grand Slam tournament
  • All ATP World Tour events
  • All WTA World Tour events
  • Any Challenge Tour event
  • Any Davis Cup match
  • Any Federations Cup match
  • Any Hopman Cup match

Bet365 Tennis AccaThis means that between all these different levels of events and tournaments, there are a huge number of tennis matches available every week that you can bet on and which you can add to your bet slip to form part of your accumulator.

However, now that you know which tournaments and competitions you can bet on, you now also need to know which betting markets you can bet on for each match as not all betting markets can be included on a qualifying acca bet. For the Bet365 Tennis Accumulator Bonus you can place a bet on any one of three markets:

  • To Win Match market
  • First Set Winner market
  • Set Betting markets

These markets are relatively self-explanatory: The to win match market is simply which of the two players or doubles will win the game. The first set winner is which of the competitors will win the first set.

Finally, the set betting market is what the score of the game will be in sets (2-0, 2-1 in the case of many men’s and women’s events, though in some tournaments (such as Grand Slam events) men will play best of five sets which sees more options available such as 3-0, 3-1, and 3-2).

Provided your selections for your acca are from the trio of markets above and in any of the events listed above, then it will qualify for the Tennis Acca Bonus, if you land a winning bet.

How the bonus calculated and how much you could win

Now that we know what bets make up permitted bets on the bonus, we need to understand how the bonus is calculated.

In short there is just one general rule of thumb to understand, the more selections that form part of your successful accumulator bet, the greater the bonus you will receive.

Bonuses are paid out on all kinds of accumulators starting at doubles and trebles and increasing to 12-fold bets or greater, though the maximum bonus available remains at 50% of your returns for a successful 12-fold or greater bet.

Here’s the full list of the percentage payouts you can expect for a successful acca bet with the following number of selections:

Acca Bet Size Acca Bonus Percentage (of your returns)
Double 5%
Treble 7.5%
Fourfold 10%
Fivefold 15%
Sixfold 20%
Sevenfold 25%
Eightfold 30%
Ninefold 35%
Tenfold 40%
Elevenfold 45%
Twelvefold + 50%

What this means in easy to understand terms

It is easiest to see how the bonus works by means of an example, so let’s say that one day you place a tenfold accumulator bet across a range of tennis matches and across the three qualifying markets. Each of your ten selections wins and you receive back returns of £1,000 from the odds alone.

However, seeing as your bet qualified for the Bet365 Tennis Accumulator Bonus, you are now eligible to receive the Tenfold bonus, which is a very impressive 40% of your returns.

So what this means is that on top of your £1,000 returns from your initial bet and the odds of your selections alone, you will also receive a 40% bonus on top of that. 40% of £1,000 is £400, which means that you would actually receive back £1,400 from Bet365 for that successful bet.

Now, if your successful bet was a Twelvefold bet and returned £1,000 in winnings to you, a 12-fold bet pays a 50% bonus, so you would receive a bonus of £500 on top of your £1,000 winnings, for a total return of £1,500.

The only thing to remember about this bonus is that it is only payable on bets that are allowed to go right the way through until the game has finished and are not cashed out in the process. If a bet is cashed out at any point, then the bonus is not paid.

If you are a Tennis betting enthusiast then Bet365’s Tennis Accumulator Bonus is well worth looking at for the longer term as it offers great value year in, year out.

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