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There’s £100,000 To Be Won with The Bet365 Free Fantasy Euros Game!

Play the bet365 Free Fantasy Euros game this summer and give yourself a chance to win a share of £100,000 in prizes!

bet365 Free Fantasy Euros Offers Big Money Prizes – With Free Entry!

How would you like a free chance to win a share of a whopping £100,000, including a top prize of £20,000? Sound good? Then check out bet365’s Free Fantasy Euros game!

This fantasy game is available to all bet365 customers who are new or eligible to the site. All you need is a valid login to be able to play.

It is completely free to enter your team, but you can only have one entry into the competition.

What better way to enjoy all the action in Germany this summer than at the 2024 European Championship football tournament! Play today and you could be in with a chance of taking home the £20,000 first prize, or one of a total of 15,000 prizes available to be won!

Get All Your Euro 2024 Bets at Bet365 Sport!

Remember, too, that alongside this exciting bet365 Free Fantasy Euros game (which we will bring you more on shortly), you can find plenty of great betting at bet365!

The site will offer a massive choice of Futures markets on the tournament, such as who will win the tournament overall. Furthermore, there will be extensive pre-match betting on all the games. Finally, complete the experience by checking out the wealth of In-Play betting options available when the matches are in progress!

The action gets underway on Friday 14th July when hosts Germany take on Scotland in Munich with kick off at 8 pm.

That also just happens to be the final deadline for entering your teams into the bet365 Free Fantasy Euros game. So let’s learn more about the fantasy game and how you can participate.

A Brief Note About Fantasy Games at Bet365

If you are familiar with fantasy games, especially those available at bet365 Fantasy, skip to the next section.

But read on if you want to know more about fantasy games, what they are, how they work and how you can win money playing them.

Fantasy games have been available at bet365 for a couple of years now and are popular. Customers pay an entry fee into most fantasy games and pick a team. What the team comprises of depends on the sport and fantasy game in question.

In football, for example, your fantasy team will be selected from a list of available players from a specific tournament (such as a round of Premier League or Champions League games).

Your players score points by completing milestones in the game they play during that game week. For example, if your player creates a goal, and scores two goals, he will score a certain number of fantasy points for your team. Points are awarded for all positive contributions, such as keeping clean sheets, being on the winning team, etc.

However, points can be deducted from a player’s total for negative contributions, such as being booked, sent off, or giving away a penalty.

For each game, your team’s points tally is calculated from all the players on your team. If you finish in a high enough position on the leaderboard, you win a cash prize. The cash prize size depends on the number of entries into the event, the fee to buy in and whether bet365 have contributed any funds towards the game.

Games can be played over a short duration, such as one football match, or a much longer duration, such as the entire football season, or in this case, the Euro 2024 football championships in Germany this summer.

bet365 Free Fantasy Euros

Bet365 Free Fantasy Euros Game Explained

Now that we are all up-to-speed with Fantasy Game, let’s focus on the bet365 Free Fantasy Euros game.

There are some key parameters you need to understand for the game and they are:

  • It is completely free to play.
  • You can only enter one team into the game.
  • You have a budget of £100m, for which you must select 15 players for your team.
  • Players have different values and are distinguished by being allocated to one of four positions: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, or Forwards.
  • Your 15-man squad must not exceed the £100m budget but can be any amount below that.
  • You can only pick three players from any one Euro 2024 participating country initially (this rule changes as the tournament progresses).

The screenshot below shows how many points each player can earn in bet365 Free Fantasy Euros (some based on their position, others regardless of their position).

bet365 Free Fantasy Euro

What Happens Once I’ve Selected My Initial Squad?

Once you have selected your initial bet365 Free Fantasy Euros squad, you have until the start of the game at 8 p.m. on June 14th to make any changes you would like to make.

But once the deadline passes, you cannot make any further changes to your squad until the end of Gameweek 1.

At the end of Gameweeks 1, 2, and 3, entrants will receive two Free Transfers to change their squads.

At the end of Gameweeks 4 and 5, the number of Free Transfers increases to four.

For Gameweek 6, it increases to six Free Transfers; finally, for Gameweek 7, you have up to eight free transfers.

In addition, you have a Wildcard token, which can be played at any point during the seven game weeks and allows you to make unlimited changes to your team for that one game week.

Any transfers used above your Free Transfer allowance in any game week will incur a cost of 4 points being deducted from your total.

What Prizes are Available for the bet365 Free Fantasy Euros Game?

You can win one of the following prizes if you finish in the following leaderboard positions for the bet365 Free Fantasy Euros game.

The total prize pool is £100,000.

  • 1st Place – £20,000
  • 2nd Place – £10,000
  • 3rd Place – £5,000
  • 4th Place – £2,500
  • 5th Place – £1,500
  • 6th to 10th Places – £1,000
  • 11th to 20th Places – £400
  • 21st to 40th Places – £200
  • 41st to 100th Places – £100
  • 101st to 200th Places – £40
  • 201st to 500th Places – £20 bet credits
  • 501st to 1000th Places – £10 bet credits
  • 1001st to 3000th Places – £5 bet credits
  • 3001st to 8000th Places – £2 bet credits
  • 8001st to 15,000th Places – £1 bet credits

bet365 Free Fantasy Euros Hints and Tips

If you are going to participate in this exciting bet365 Free Fantasy Euros game, you will want to try to pick the players who will give you a chance at one of the 15,000 prizes on offer.

Ideally one of those top 200 cash prizes available to be won!

So to help you, here are some hints and tips for you to follow when selecting your initial squad, and for when you make changes to the team.

  • Try to pick players that will start as first choice for their chosen team.
  • Pick defensive players and goalkeepers for teams that do not concede many goals.
  • Look for defenders that get forward, create chances, score goals or are set-piece or penalty-takers.
  • Attacking, goalscoring or creative midfielders tend to score more points than defensive midfielders.
  • Look for strikers that have been allocated to the midfield slots, or midfielders allocated to defensive slots.
  • Penalty and set-piece specialists in all positions are players to consider for all teams.
  • If you pick a team with players from teams that advance into the tournament’s latter stages, you will have more freedom with future transfers.
  • Your captain scores double points, so always consider which players have the best match up on each game week and pick the player you feel will top score on your team.
  • Watch out for teams resting players on Gameweek 3, especially if the team has already qualified for the knockout phase after the first two Gameweeks. This may be a good time to use the Wildcard option if you have a lot of players that may not play that week.

Good luck if you are entering the bet365 Free Fantasy Euros Game, I will be entering my team shortly!

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