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Bet365 Sport Unveils Two Exciting New Betting Features For Punters

March 16, 2017

One of the best ways for any online betting site to keep ahead of its competitors is to continually review, update and upgrade the features it has on its site. As technology continues to increase the scope of what a bookmaking site can offer online, so sites strive to offer punters a variety of new bets, deals, promotions or features to keep their custom.

While new promotions and offers are regular additions to sites, it is genuinely exciting when a site introduces a new feature and that is precisely what Bet365 Sport have done over the past few weeks. That’s because now at Bet365 you can take advantage of two new features when you place certain types of bet; Auto Cash Out and Edit Bet.

Let’s take a look at each of these features in a little more detail to discover what they are, how they work and what they mean for you as punter. We’ll begin by taking a look at how you can edit your bets followed by how the automatic cash out feature works.

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Bet365’s New Edit Bet Feature

You can use the Edit Bet feature only on unsettled accumulator bets you make with Bet365 Sport. As the name suggests, the feature allows you to edit your bet, by removing, swapping or adding selections to your current bet, with the odds on your bet changing with the changes that you make to the bet.

When the Cash Out option is available for your bet, then you can use the Edit Bet feature. You can only edit your bet before the outcome of the bet is known. So in terms of an accumulator, this is when the final result of your accumulator is completed. Until then, you can edit the bet from your original selection.

You have three options available when you access the Edit Bet feature. You can find the Edit Bet tab by visiting the Cash Out tab and then click on the Edit Bet option in the top right hand corner of the slip.

The three options you can select to edit your bet are:

  • Add a Selection – As the name suggests, you can add selections to your bet by clicking on this option and adding selections to a temporary bet slip. Once you have done this click on the Add to Bet button and then Save Changes and Confirm to add the selections to your slip. Once the Edit Bet request is accepted the odds for your bet will be updated.
  • Swap a Selection – With this option simply select which of the selections on your accumulator you wish to swap out of your bet and this will open up a box with a list of potential replacements for that bet from the same market. Simply click on the replacement you wish to make to change selections over. Once finished click Done, then Save Changes and finally Confirm to submit the Edit Bet request.
  • Remove a Selection – Removing a selection from your bet is easy as you just click on the “X” next to it to remove it from your bet. If you click on a selection in error, clicking undo will bring the selection back onto your slip. As with all other Edit Bet options, once completed click Save Changes and Confirm to submit the changes.

The final thing to remember about the Edit Bet option is that once you edit a bet, the Cash Out value of your bet will be your unit stake, not necessarily your original stake.

This is a fantastic addition to the betting options available at Bet365 and means punters have greater flexibility with their accumulator bets than ever before.

Bet365’s Auto Cash Out Option

Bet365’s new Auto Cash Out feature is the answer to many punters prayers. A while back now Bet365 introduced the ability to Cash Out bets before the bet was finalised. This worked by Bet365 offering the punter a cash amount to cash the bet out now, rather than waiting until the bet ran to completion. As events occur in the selections on the bet, the amount offered by Bet365 would fluctuate.

One of the main problems with this was that for a punter to engage meaningfully with this feature, they needed to be online and following their bet closely as their selections were unfolding. This means that they could then click on the Cash Out option at what they felt was the optimum moment, usually when the amount offered by Bet365 to cash out the bet reached a certain amount.

Of course, that meant that to use this feature, you needed to be online and that is not possible for everyone who places a bet as work and the vagaries of modern life can all conspire to stop you getting on line. Clearly something was needed to make Cashing Out more effective and easier for the customer and this is where Auto Cash Out comes in.

With Auto Cash Out, you can now set an amount at which if Bet365 offer you that amount or more as a Cash Out option, the software will automatically cash out all, or a partial amount, of your bet for you, without you even needing to be online.

Using the feature is very easy. Simply log in to Bet365 Sport with your details and place a bet. Cash Out is available on a large number of bets and if your bet does have a cash out option displayed, then simply click on the cog to the right of the cash out amount shown.

This opens a form where you can complete the “If The Value Reaches” section. Enter here the amount of money you would be happy for your bet to automatically cash out at and then when you have done this, click the Create Rule button. Once you click this, the rule is applied to your bet and if Bet365 Sport offers you this amount or more as a Cash Out offer, the software will automatically cash your bet out for you.

You can also use this feature to cash out a percentage of your bet, allowing you to cash out some of your bet and leave the remainder of the stake running on the bet through to completion. This is a highly flexible method of betting for punters allowing them the best of both worlds.

Click on the link at the top of this section for further details about Bet365’s Auto Cash Out option and also the Edit Bet feature.

Both of these new features offer punters even greater flexibility when it comes to their bets and means that Bet365 continues to offer its customers one of the best and most comprehensive online sports betting services in the UK.

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