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Bet365’s Twister Poker Now Has A New Wild Twist

July 12, 2017

In September 2016, we brought you news that Bet365 Poker had decided to increase the number of Twister Poker games it had been offering, adding two new games with a €20 and €50 buy in to their four existing games which were available to play for €1, €2, €5 and €10.

Well now fans of this fast-play form of poker have got another option to play if they so desire. It is called Wild Twister Poker and is available for just €0.50 per game.

Before we explore how the Wild version of the game works, let’s give you a brief recap on what Twister Poker is, how it works and why it has proven to be massively popular on the Bet365 Poker site. Then we’ll explore how Wild Twister Poker is different and what you could possibly win if you decide to play.

What is Bet365’s Twister Poker?

Twister Poker is a game that can be played for six different buy in levels (as outlined above) and when you buy in, you are placed briefly into a player pool until two other players who also paid the same buy in are selected at random and placed at a table with you.

The total prize pool you are playing for is randomly selected by the spin of a wheel and the amount you could win is expressed as a multiplier of your buy in. It could be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x 10x, 100x or 1,000x what you paid to play. So if you decided to play the €1 game, that would mean prizes of €2, €3, €4, €5, €10, €100 or €1,000 could be selected.

Once the prize has been decided, players are then placed at a table and given 500 chips each. The game, which is No Limit Texas Hold’em, starts and the aim of the game is to be the last player standing at the table holding all the chips having eliminated the other two players.

To ensure a faster pace of play, the blinds will rise relatively quickly in the game and with players only having short stacks, this ensures that players are forced to act quickly. As a result, games tend to be more volatile than standard poker games and players do tend to play a wider range of hands more often, which does lead to more variable results. Most Twister Poker games will take between 5 to 10 minutes to run to completion.

If you are the winner at the table, then you win the cash prize decided at the start of the game. If you are eliminated then you win nothing but can try again in a different Twister Poker game.

Once the game ends and you are the winner, or you are eliminated, you a free to buy in to another Twister Poker game immediately if you would like to.

How does Wild Twister Poker differ from Twister Poker?

Wild Twister differs from Twister Poker in just a few ways, but they are key differences and completely change the experience for the player.

First off, Wild Twister Poker has a smaller buy in of just €0.50 per game. Once you have paid this then the prize pool for your game is generated once you and two other players have been allocated randomly to a table.

Your prize pool will either be 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x or 100x your buy in which means that you will be playing for a prize of either €1, €2, €5, €10, €20 or €50 depending on how the spin of the wheel turns out.

Once this has been decided then the game will begin and it is here that the biggest and most fundamental difference between Wild Twister Poker and the standard version of the game becomes apparent as in Wild Twister Poker, all three players at the table are placed “All In” on every hand until there is just one winning player.

What this means is that there is no skill element in this game. Your chances of winning are approximately 33.3%, as it is simply dependent on the cards that you draw and what the outcome of the flop, turn and river cards are as to whether you win or not.

In effect, Wild Twister Poker promises even more speedier games than Twister Poker, but in doing so removes the skill element of the player from the process. That may well appeal to players who like Twister Poker’s speed and convenience but who may lack the skill of other players and thus find it hard to win frequently when playing.

Once one player has been declared the winner at the table by winning all the chips and eliminating the other two players, then they will receive their cash prize immediately into their account and you are then free to play another game if you so wish.

Which version of the game is best suited to me?

As you can see, although Twister Poker and Wild Twister Poker are very similar games, one requires a player to have at least some basic poker skills, while the other is very much a random type of game dependent entirely on the draw of the cards you get when you play.

As such, if you are a genuine poker player who wants to test their skills against other players in a fast-format game which can be decided in a matter of minutes rather than hours, but which will be decided by skills and ability as well as luck, then the original Twister Poker is the obvious choice for you.

Other benefits of playing this version are that there are a total of six different buy in ranges, meaning you can play at the level suited to your bankroll and of course, you can switch between different buy in levels as you play.

However, if you are a gamer who enjoys games where no skill is involved, such as slot games or scratchcard games, then Wild Twister Poker is definitely your best option here. Not only are games generally over incredibly quickly (usually within two or three hands, many in the space of a single hand) but the low entry fee to these games makes it feel like you are almost playing a ‘slot’ type game.

Indeed, Wild Twister Poker can be viewed as a way Bet365 Poker have come up with to introduce slot style gaming into the poker arena. Poker purists may not like it, but it can provide a handy cross-over point for slot gamers who want to see how poker works before they commit to playing the game for real money.

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