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What Does Bet365 Poker Offer UK Players For Free?

December 7, 2015

Let’s face it, as human beings and poker players especially, we all enjoy the thrill of receiving something for nothing. Poker sites are well aware of this simple aspect of human nature and they can oftenBet 365 Mobile Poker app put together deals, tournaments or offers that will appeal to this most basic of traits.

So, in terms of Bet365 Poker, what does the site offer you as a poker player or a prospective new customer, that is free from charge? By charge, we mean that will not actually cost you any money deducted from your bank account in order to participate in the offer or event in question.

Let’s begin right at the very start of your membership as when you sign up, you should be eligible for the fantastic Bet365 no deposit bonus for new poker customers.

The Bet365 New Player Bonus Free £5 No Deposit Bonus

One of the best parts of Bet365 for value-hunting players comes from the moment you decide you want to join the site. As part of your New Player Offer, once you have registered with the site and created your Bet365 Poker nickname, you will receive a fantastic completely free no deposit required bonus of €5.

This money comes in the form of tournament tokens that you can use to try out different parts of the Bet365 Poker site, so you have a firm understanding of how the site works before you even deposit a single penny into your real cash account.

This is a great bonus available to all genuine new customers at Bet365 Poker when they sign up. Remember too, existing Bet365 customers who have not yet trialled Bet365 Poker, but who already have a Bet365 account with another Bet365 site, can still access this bonus provided that they do not have any other bonuses running on their accounts at the time they apply.

€100 New Depositor Freeroll

Bet365 New Depositor FreerollAnother great free feature that you can access comes after you have made a deposit into your Bet365 Poker account (or transferred cash into that account from another Bet365 account that you own) to the value of at least €10 or more.

From time to time, Bet365 will offer new players the chance to participate in an additional freeroll event when they make their first deposit to the site which is a €100 New Depositor Freeroll event.

Furthermore, on some other promotions on Bet365, they may also offer existing customers the chance to participate in similar freeroll events simply by making a similar deposit to their account within a specified time period, these tend to be Depositor Freeroll events.

In both of these types of freerolls, players that make a deposit can register and participate in the event using a free tournament token, which then gives them the chance to earn some extra cash towards their bankroll.

Daily £25 and £50 Guaranteed Freeroll Events

One of the ways you can earn yourself bonuses is by participating in the Bet365 Poker VIP Rewards scheme. (See post on this below) and the ‘currency’ for this reward scheme are Merit Points, which you earn each time you play real cash games on the Bet365 site.

There are lots of ways Merit Points can earn you things on Bet365 Poker and one of them is to ‘pay’ for entry into any of the daily £25 or £50 Guaranteed freeroll events that are run on the site each day.

By entering these events you are only charged Merit Points that you have earned, rather than any cash and of course, if you finish in the cash places in these events then you can boost your real cash balance each time.

Bet365 Poker VIP Rewards Scheme

If you are a regular player at Bet365 Poker then another freebie that you can access is the VIP Reward scheme, which awards players a number of cash rewards and other bonuses once they haveBet365 VIP Scheme accrued a certain number of merit points.

As you accrue Merit Points as part of this scheme, you can then trade in those Merit Points for a choice of rewards; Cash Rewards, Bonus Cash Rewards (double the size of a cash reward but tied to your bonus cash account), Loyalty Rewards and Tournament Token Rewards.

These rewards are only really available for players who play at Bet365 Poker on a regular basis and who earn enough points over time to earn the reward commensurate with their points. Infrequent players will likely not earn enough points or maintain the status for long enough to earn too many rewards from this offer.

Promotional-Related Freerolls

As we have mentioned previously, at times on the Bet365 site, the company will run a promotional offer or similar themed-event which will see freeroll events as a key element of their strategy to attract players to participate in the offer.

It is hard to state when these freerolls will occur as Bet365 Poker updates its promotional materials usually every month, although some offers are available all year round (such as the Premium Steps offer outlined below).

Therefore, it is a good idea to check back with the site at the start of each month to see what the latest promotion is and whether there are any freerolls associated with it that you could qualify for and participate in.

Premium Steps Entry 100 Merit Points

Another way you can get free entry into a massive event at Bet365 Poker is through the new Premium Steps tournament, which offers a top prize of €800 available to any player that has the skill to progress through all (or some) of the nine steps in the offer to realise the top prize.

Ordinarily to participate in this competition you would buy in at a stated level. The higher the level you buy in, the greater the cost to you in real cash terms. A Level 2 buy in is €1.10 for example, whereas buying in at Level 4 costs you €5.50.

In this tournament you are facing off against other players at the table to win a token for entry into the next step. There is a runner up prize available, usually of a free entry to a previous step.

However, if you decide to try your luck from Level 1 in this promotion, then you can elect to forego the €0.50 charge to play and use 100 Merit Points instead from your balance to play. In effect, costing you no real cash to do so.

You can then begin your journey and perhaps even win the top prize of €800 without ever having once spent a penny of your bankroll on tickets into the tournament.

As you can see, Bet365 Poker offers its customers a wealth of free to play options across the site and across each phase of your membership, whether you are a regular player or a less frequent one. Check out what is available on the site now and see if you can turn your freeroll entries into cold, hard cash in your balance.

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