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Celebrate The Start Of The Premier League With Three Bonus Games From SkyBet

August 9, 2017

This weekend sees the start of the Premier League season with all 20 teams in action, starting on Friday 11th August with two former Champions in action as Arsenal take on Leicester City at the Emirates Stadium. This is followed by seven games on Saturday and a further two on Sunday.

Of course, this also heralds the start of the betting season on football and alongside all the usual bets available on SkyBet this year, including their popular Price Boost offers across a massive range of Premier League games throughout the season, there are three other reasons why you should be a regular visitor to the Sky family of sites.

That’s because if you are a football fan, SkyBet offers you three additional ways you can enjoy the football throughout the season, all completely free of charge and each with a number of cash and other prizes available to be won. And all you need to participate in each, is your SkyBet Log In details.

Let’s take a look at the three free-to-enter football themed bonus games/sites you can participate in for the whole of the Premier League season with SkyBet and Sky Sports.

  1. Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has been around for many years in many different guises but you can now enjoy the latest edition of Sky Sports Fantasy Football right now. Pick your team ahead of Game Week 1, which starts on Friday 11th August with the opening fixtures of the season and you could be in with a chance of winning a top prize which is now a massive £50,000.

All you need to do any time between now and the start of the season on Friday is log in to the site using your SkyBet ID and PIN and then pick your Fantasy Football team from the players available. Players are split into four positions, Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers and you can select players in any one of six formations: 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2, 5-3-2 or 3-4-3.

There are no limits on the number of players you can select from any one team, but each player is assigned a fantasy value and you have a budget of £100m to spend. You cannot exceed this budget and you must purchase 11 players for your team in one of the six formations. You can also name one player as your captain and they will score double points for you each week that they play.

Once you have picked your team you can then enter it into a number of free to enter tournaments, as well as some which have a fee to enter. Which ones you enter are entirely up to you. But enter the Sky Sports league (which is free to enter) and end up in the top five managers at the end of the season and you could win any of the following top prizes:

  • 1st Place – £50,000 and a Hartlepool United shirt signed by Jeff Stelling
  • 2nd Place – £5,000 and an Arsenal shirt signed by Paul Merson
  • 3rd Place – £1,000 and a Liverpool shirt signed by Phil Thompson
  • 4th Place – A Glasgow Celtic shirt signed by Charlie Nicholas
  • 5th Place – A Southampton shirt signed by Matt Le Tissier

In addition, the highest scoring manager each month wins a pair of VIP Premier League tickets to a game of their choice, while the highest scoring manager in a single game week will also win tickets to English Football League games as well as a scarf.

Over the course of the season as players get injured, are dropped or suspended or lose form, you can transfer players in and out of your team using the Transfer Market. You have a limited number of transfers you can make each week and throughout the season, so use them wisely.

Fantasy Football with Sky Sports is easy and fun to play and is completely free (there is no requirement to play in the pay to enter leagues). All you need to do is keep a check on your team for each game week and make any transfers/adjustments you feel necessary.

Give Fantasy Football a try this Premier League season and see if you could be £50,000 better off come next May.

  1. Soccer Saturday Super 6

Every week of the football season, you could give yourself a free chance to win £250,000 (and on some weeks that could increase to £1,000,000) simply by using your SkyBet log in details to enter the outstanding Soccer Saturday Super 6 game.

Once you have logged in to the site, all you need to do is predict the correct score from the six games shown on the Super 6 Coupon for this week. Usually these games are taken from the Premier League, but on occasion matches from other leagues, such as the Championship, League One or League Two may also be included.

For every score you correctly predict, you receive five points, but if you don’t get the score right, but guess the correct result, then you will score two points.

Each week Sky Sports offers a top jackpot prize of £250,000 for any player that can correctly predict all six scorelines correctly on each of the six games on the Super 6 coupon. If you hit that magic 30 points mark then you’ll win the jackpot prize (in the event of more than one player winning, then the prize will be shared).

However, if in any game week no player guesses all six scores correctly, then a consolation prize of £5,000 is awarded to the player with the highest score that week. This prize is subject to a tiebreaker if more than one player achieves the same high score. The tiebreaker being to guess the minute the first goal is scored in any of the six Super 6 games on the coupon this week. The player closest to the actual minute the first goal was scored in those games, will win the prize.

This is such a simple game to enter and there is even a dedicated app you can download onto your mobile device, that will allow you to log in on the go and make your predictions while you are on the move, meaning you need never miss out on a chance to win a £250,000 jackpot prize.

Super 6 is completely free to enter every week although you are allowed only one entry into the competition. Watch out too for some special weeks throughout the season as on these weeks, Sky Sports will increase the value of the jackpot prize from £250,000 up to a magical £1,000,000. Players have won the £1m prize in the past and these big jackpot weeks are hugely popular with players.

You can log in to Super 6 and start to play usually from around 5-6 days before the games kick off. Sky has promised that for this year on Super 6 “Something Big Is Coming” and that sounds rather exciting for fans of this popular game.

  1. Sky Sports Fantasy Six-A-Side

When Sky Sports show a live Premier League game, they now run a special competition just for that game. It is called Fantasy Six-A-Side and it offers a prize of £5,000 to be won every time it is held.

Again, the competition is free to enter and all you need is your SkyBet Log In details to access the site. When a match has been selected for a Fantasy Six-A-Side game then you get to pick a team of six players. Formation and positions are not important for this selection.

Your team is comprised of one of four “Elite” players in the match (two from each team) who are generally the highest points scorers for their team in any given week. You then supplement that player with any five other players that will likely feature in the game.

Your players score your team points by completing actions within the game. If a goalkeeper makes a save for example, he will score some points, as will a defender making a tackle, a midfielder creating a chance or a striker scoring a goal. There are a large number of ways a player can earn points for you and as the game goes on, the number of points each player earns is accrued and your team score is created by adding all the individual scores of your six players together.

In addition to picking your team, you also get to pick a Power Play period in the game. These are split into six 15-minute periods of the match, 00:00 to 14:59, 15:00 to 29:59 and 30:00 to 45:00 for example. Every point scored by your player in a power play period is doubled.

However, players can also lose points for you by having negative things happen to them (such as conceding a goal, giving away fouls, getting a yellow or red card, missing a chance etc). These points are subtracted from your players total and of course, during the power play period, these also count double too.

After the game all the players that participated have their team score added together and the player with the highest score will win the top prize, which last season was worth around £5,000.

Sky Sports will announce which of their live Premier League games are part of the Fantasy Six-A-Side promotion a few days before the match is due to kick off. Thererfore, it is prudent to keep your eyes open for any information on these games so you can participate and remember, it is like all Sky Sports games listed here, completely free to play!

So why not make the Premier League season go with a bang by enjoying these three free games at Sky Sports all with your SkyBet log in. Log in today to play and make this the most exciting Premier League season you’ve ever experienced.

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