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Every week across the globe, one of the most popular forms of gambling is a lottery. There are a number of nationally syndicated lotteries across the world including the National Lottery here in the UK, plus there is the continental Euromillions lottery as well which UK and European customers have access to.

Now with lotteries, the process for playing is generally rather simple. You pay a flat fee to enter (£2 in the case of the lotteries outlined above) and you pick your numbers plus a bonus ball or two (depending on the lottery).

The draw is then made and if you match three or more numbers, you are a winner, with the more balls you match, the more money you are likely to win.

Although that is not always the case, as 7879 ticketholders found out in March 2016 when scooping five balls on the National Lottery in the UK in March, ended up winning just £15. That was £36 LESS than what people who matched four balls received.

How frustrating would this be? Furthermore, how frustrating is it to pick one number or two numbers on your ticket and not win a prize?

Well, how would you react if we told you that there is a way you can win a nice return on hitting just one or two numbers in a lottery draw and you can do this without even having to play the lottery itself?

Furthermore, rather than relying on dividends and the number of winners on your ticket with the same or similar numbers, that your payout was guaranteed based on the odds stated and your chosen unit stake?

If that sounds like something you would be interested in then you need to take a few minutes to learn about lottery betting (lotto betting).

What is Lotto betting?

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Lotto betting is, as the name suggests, a bet placed on the outcome of a particular lottery. Unlike playing the lottery, which enters you into the lottery itself, a lotto bet is simply a wager with a sports book on what the outcome of the lottery will be and whether one, or more, numbers will be picked in the next lottery draw.

In addition, a lotto bet is also more flexible than a standard lottery entry, which has to be of a stated number of numbers plus a stated number of bonus ball selections. With Lotto betting, you can bet on one, two or indeed any number of numbers being drawn and you can also put numbers together to form multiple selection or combination bets.

There are a number of different lotto bets available and some of the most common bets you can find for lotteries across the globe with the likes of Bet365 Sport are:-

  • Straight – This is a bet that each of the numbers you select will be drawn in the lottery you select. You do not have to pick the same number of balls as you would in a lottery entry, however the more balls you pick the greater the odds of the payout. Select three balls on the Irish Lottery correctly with Bet365 for example and you will win at odds of either 375/1 (including the bonus ball) or 700/1 if the bonus is not included. This bet works in a similar way to an accumulator bet and all the numbers you pick must be selected for your bet to win.
  • Combination – This bet allows you to cover all possible combinations of winners from your chosen numbers. You can select a large number of balls and cover all possible bets, but of course, the more bets you cover, the higher the cost of the initial bet and the more numbers you will need to draw in order to ensure you turn a profit.
  • Bonus Ball Number – A simple bet on what the number of the bonus ball drawn in the stated draw will be.
  • Total Value – This is a bet on what the total value of all the numbers drawn in the stated lottery (excluding the bonus ball) will be. Punters can select from a number of different ranges, with odds on the range selected varying.
  • First Number Drawn – As the name suggests, this is simply a bet on the number that is drawn first in the chosen lottery and it pays out at about the same odds as the bonus ball number bet in most cases.

Who offers Lotto betting?

Unfortunately, at the present moment in time, you cannot place bets on Lotteries with SkyBet, but you can quite easily place bets on a number of different lotteries with Bet365 Sport. A number of other sports betting sites across the UK also offer plenty of lotto betting opportunities.

What Lotteries can I bet on?

Lotto Betting Bet3653

What lotteries you can bet on each week depends on the lotteries that each sportsbook decides to offer odds on. However, few sites have as extensive a range of lotteries to bet on as Bet365 Sport as they offer betting on a number of lotteries:

  • 49s (Irish daily lottery draw)
  • Irish Lottery
  • Spanish Lottery
  • French Lottery
  • New York Lottery
  • German Lottery
  • Canadian Lottery (6/49)

The number and type of markets available for each lottery does vary however and not all markets are available across all the different lotteries offered by Bet365.

Lottery betting is a fast, fun and simple way to enjoy a wager on the lottery and enjoy a healthy return. In the UK National Lottery, land three numbers and you will earn £25, do the same in the Irish Lottery with a lottery bet and you can earn up to £750.

It is easy to see why many more people are discovering that playing the lottery may not be as profitable for them as actually betting on what the numbers drawn will be. If you fancy trying out Lotto betting, then head on over to our Bet365 Poker review page and sign up with any Bet365 site to gain access to Bet365 Sport to bet on lotto’s today.

Rules and Bet365 Lottery Odds

Below you can see the main rules and Bet365 lotto odds of major games offered by the Bet 365 lottery wagering:

Bet365 Lotto Odds, Rules and More

Game Number of Balls Balls Drawn Time of Draw (UK Time) More Info:
Irish Lottery 47 6+1 Wednesday and Saturday 20:00
Irish Daily Million 39 6+1 Daily at 14:00 and 21:00
49s 49 6+1 Twice daily at lunchtime and teatime
French (Loto) 49 5+1 Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 19:30
Spanish (La Primitiva) 49 6+1 Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 19:30
German 49 6+1 Wednesday at 17:25 and Saturday at 18:25
New York 59 6+1 Thursday and Sunday at 04:21
Canadian 59 6+1 Thursday and Sunday at 02:00

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