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esports for beginners

Essential Reading For Esports Newbies

Esports are a funny beast, aren’t they? More than pretty much any other sport, esports seem a little more achievable somehow. Or at least they do to someone not in the know. The truth is, esport professionals are highly skilled. Many have been training for over a decade to get to the highest levels of the sport. And it’s just such an interesting industry. Intrigued? Then learn everything you need to know with this guide to esports for beginners.

What does esports mean?

When it comes down to it, esports is competitive video game playing. But this isn’t a casual set up with a few friends. Oh no. There is a gigantic industry behind these players. And the players at the very top of their literal and figurative game are often professionals. That means playing video games, in other words esports, is their full time job. It might sound cushy, but it’s hard work.

Esports originated in Asia and in the early days, they were particularly popular in China and South Korea. They are still huge there to this day, but the popularity has spread will beyond Asia to the delight of fans in Africa, North America and Europe.

How do esports make money?

The main way the esports industry makes money is by sponsorship. So that’s esports teams as well as esports competitions. The main sponsors of the esports industry are video game technology companies, but there are a few examples of other sponsors too like online sportsbooks.

Then the bulk of the money that professional players get from esports is generated by sponsorship deals and competition wins.

What games feature most frequently in esports?

There are a few very popular games in the esports world and, if you’re a video game fan, they might be familiar to you already. Esports for beginners include Dota, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros and StarCraft are all extremely popular in the world of esports. So the next time you’re playing one of those games, you can imagine the crowds cheering on your accomplishments! Or maybe just maybe, you can perfect your skills and get good enough to take on the top dogs…

How much is the esports industry worth?

Estimates value the esports industry at well over $1 billion. That is pretty impressive, when you think about it, isn’t it? Some 454 million people watch esports. That’s like the whole of the European Union coming together to watch an epic esports battle. Mind-blowing stuff!

What’s the best online sportsbook for esports?

Almost every major online sportsbook will offer esports markets. And the one accessible to you will depend heavily on the region you’re in. As we all know, online gambling is heavily restricted through state and federal law. However, if you’re in an area where you can access bet365, that’s the spot we’d recommend for esports for beginners. Not only do they have a great range of markets and fantastic odds, you can also make the most of your welcome offer with this bet365 bonus code.


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