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It’s Not Cricket! No Wait, It Is

It’s time to brush up on your essential cricket knowledge so you can enjoy one of the world’s most popular games. Even if you’re starting from zero cricket knowledge, this guide will bring you up to speed in a no nonsense way. There’s no time to waste, so let’s get cricketing.

When is cricket season?

The best thing about cricket is that if you’re into it, you can find excellent action the whole year long. That’s because it’s played all over the world during the summer months.

In the northern hemisphere, namely in the UK, the cricket season kicks off in April and continues right the way through until September. Then you don’t have long to wait until the cricket heat gets turned up down under, with the southern hemisphere’s cricket season running from October through to February or March.

Explain cricket to me, fast!

Okay, so here’s everything you need to know about the game of cricket in a nut shell. Or a few different nut shells. We’ll try to be quick.

  1. Two teams take part in a cricket match and each of those teams have 11 players on the field at any given time
  2. The game is split up into a number of different periods, called innings
  3. In each inning, one team bats and the other team fields
  4. The only team that can score during that inning is the batting team
  5. An inning ends when 10 players from the batting side are out
  6. When that happens, a new innings begins and the batting side becomes the fielding side and visa versa
  7. There are four innings in each game of cricket, so each team gets to bat and field twice
  8. The entire game usually takes in and around six hours to play

How do you win a game of cricket?

In cricket, scores are expressed in terms of the number of runs scored and wickets lost. If you’ve scored 80 runs and lost 2 wickets, that score is expressed as 100/3.

You score a run by literally running from one wicket to another after batting the ball. You can also score by hitting the ball out of the field, scoring six if it doesn’t bounce when exiting and four if it does.

A wicket is lost when the fielding team manages to break the wicket with the ball.

And if you wondering what a wicket is, it’s like a wooden M placed at either end of the cricket pitch. It’s got three legs, called stumps and two bails on top.

When are batters out in cricket?

Batters are out in cricket when the wicket is broken down, the fielding side catches the ball before it hits the ground or if the ball hits the wicket before a batter crosses the crease.

And like we said before, when 10 batters on a side are out, it’s all change places on the field.

Where can I bet on essential cricket matches online?

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