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flighted tournament FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Flighted Tournaments

Come with us on a flight of fancy as we tackle some of the most pressing flighted tournaments FAQs.

This is one of the most common types of poker tournaments, so you can bet your bottom dollar that you need to know all about it.

Flighted tournaments FAQs: the basics

What is a flighted tournament?

A flighted tournament is any poker tournament that has multiple Day 1s.

How does a flighted tournament work?

Quite simply, everyone who progresses from their individual Day 1s go on to play in the Day 2 of the tournament. So the top say 80 players from each from Day 1a and Day 1b will compete against each other in Day 2.

Day 2 is a continuation of Day 1, so each player will take their chip stack with them as they progress into the next stage of the flighted tournament.

Can you buy-in directly to Day 2 of a flighted tournament?

No you can’t. These aren’t satellite tournaments. The only way of progressing to a Day 2 of a flighted tournament is completing and being a top player in your Day 1 of that same flighted tournament.

Why are there flighted poker tournaments during live events?

Generally speaking, flighted tournaments are designed to accomodate large numbers of players. So if a particular tournament is popular, it is likely to have a Day 1a, Day 1b and so on.

Why are there flighted tournaments during online events?

This is one of the classic flighted tournaments FAQs. Of course, with an online game, you don’t have the same capacity considerations as a live event. You don’t need to put all the bodies somewhere, they’re virtual. So you can have hundreds of thousands playing a tournament, potentially.

Instead, flighted tournaments online are more of a case of making things easier for the player. It will give them multiple different days/times when they can play in the Day 1 of their choice. And, of course, it increases the numbers too.

You can find flighted tournaments during tournament series on good online poker rooms like bet365. Bet365 bonus code here, if you’re a new player.

Are there flighted tournaments at this year’s WSOP?

Why yes there are. There are 10 flighted tournaments at WSOP 2022, including the Housewarming, the Millionaire Maker and the hotly anticipated Main Event. Find them all on the official schedule.

Flighted strategy tips

Strategy for a flighted tournament isn’t a whole lot different from a regular tournament. However, you do have to keep in mind that generally speaking, you’ve got a whole lot more opponents in a flighted scenario than in a regular tournament or a cash game.

So stick to your guns and just play some smart poker. Remember to dress the part, because this game could go on a while. Know when you should bluff and when you should fold. Take a regular look around the table to keep an eye out for classic poker personalities and what they might mean for your game.

And if you suffer a bad beat, learn how to avoid the tilt creeping into your game. If you’re new to poker, make sure you also brush up on these poker terms before you play a flighted tournament. On top of that, if it’s an option where you’re playing to rabbit hunt, please refrain from doing so!

You can find more in-depth advice on flighted tournaments FAQs and poker strategy in general, in these poker books and podcasts.


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