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How Do I Host A Poker Night?

Hosting a poker night can be a whole lot of fun. In some ways, it’s simple. But it might also be worth doing a little bit of prep so everything runs smoothly.

With a little organisation, hosting a poker night will go off without a hitch, whether it’s just a few of our friends or a big gang.

Figure out what games you want to play when hosting a poker night

Of course, there are lots and lots of different types of poker games. So have a think and decide which game is right when you’re hosting a poker night.

The most popular home poker game is probably Texas Hold’em, but there are other options out there too. If you’re playing with your parents or even grandparents, they might be more into a straight up draw game.

Other friends might fancy an Omaha night, for something a little different. Or if you want to shake things up, 6 Plus Hold’em is a really fun take on the classic. Alternatively, go totally off the wall with something unexpected like Pineapple Open Face Chinese.

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Make a guestlist

It might be obvious who you should invite. It’s always nice to repay the favour if someone has invited you to a poker game in the past. And other friends who are into poker are always a good shout.

But it’s worth thinking about personality and skill level too. If you’ve got six people who are extremely into poker, read every strategy book and constantly listen to poker podcasts, and then a couple who don’t have a clue, the newbie friends can feel left out.

It’s better to have a mix of players and skill levels. And for everyone to be on the same page too. You’re playing for fun, after all. It’s not like you’re in training for WSOP.

In terms of numbers, we’d stick to five to nine players in total. That means the game should move nice and quickly, but there’s still enough action to keep people interested.

Get your supplies in for hosting a poker night

You don’t need a whole lot to host a poker game. But there are a few basics you will need:

  • A table. It doesn’t need to be a full on poker table, a decent sized kitchen table will do. And make sure you have enough chairs!
  • Two or three decks of playing cards, that way one person can shuffle after a hand while the other person deals, making the game run a little smoother
  • A set of chips, which don’t need to break the bank. If you’re not likely to host often, try borrowing a set from a guest. Otherwise, see if you can find a secondhand set

Make an occasion out of it

Like if you’re doing a DIY casino night, it’s fun to make a little fuss when you’re hosting a poker night.

At the same time, if it’s just a couple of your close friends, no need to go totally overboard. Grab a few snacks (maybe even bake some poker-themed biscuits), make a playlist and set up the table before everyone gets there.

If this is a poker night-cum-birthday party, make sure you pick up a thoughtful poker-themed present too. And if you want to keep the fun going on even longer, why not stick on a poker movie?


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