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World Rugby World Cup New Zealand

Gwan The Women! Let’s Gear Up For The Rugby World Cup

Lots of epic sporting events are coming up this year. And one we’re extremely excited about is the New Zealand Rugby World Cup.

We’re going to watch some of the world’s top sportswomen battle it out in the name of their country. There are some interesting changes this year and lots of speculation already about who might win the tournament.

So come with us on a journey to discover the key info you need on the upcoming action.

It’s on in New Zealand

Maybe you already got the memo on this one? Yes, the New Zealand Rugby World Cup is, in fact, being held in New Zealand. This is the first time any southern hemisphere country has hosted.

In fact, New Zealand actually beat Australia in the bidding process. But that was their only competition for the honour of hosting this event.

The action is playing out in three stadiums. Eden Park, Semenoff and Waitakere.

Originally it was going to take place in 2021

The New Zealand Rugby World Cup was supposed to happen in 2021. However, it was postponed and now it’s taking place this year instead. And that has lead to the somewhat confusing full title of Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2021, Playing in 2022. It’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

The New Zealand Rugby World Cup starts on Saturday, 8 October

Make a note of this date! The action kicks off at the start of October and runs until Saturday, 12 November.

12 countries are competing

The competing teams for the New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2021 are Canada, Australia, Fiji, England, Italy, France, New Zealand (of course), Japan, South Africa, Scotland, Wales and the USA.

The favourite to win are…

Experts are currently saying that England are the most likely team to win the New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2021. Having said that, host nation New Zealand are second favourites, defending champions AND have home advantage on their side.

So some people are thinking that they could keep the trophy at home, after all is said and done. If they do manage it, they’ll be the most frequent winners of the Rugby World Cup, with six titles.

You can already bet on the outcome online

Good online sportsbooks are already offering markets on the New Zealand Rugby World Cup. Our favourite spot for rugby sports betting is bet365. Plus, if you’re a new customer, you can use the bet365 bonus code when you sign up. And yes, they do poker too…

This is the first year “Women” isn’t appearing in the title

There are two separate World Rugby world cups. One for men and one for women. Up until now, the one for women was called the Women’s Rugby World Cup. But for this World Cup, they’re dropping the genders.

It’s just going to be the Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2021. The men’s World Cup is taking place in 2023 in France and that’s how we’ll distinguish the two from now on.

Levelling the playing field across the genders

In order to make the women’s cup more equal to the men’s, there’s going to be a few changes to how things work this time around. For the New Zealand Rugby World Cup, there will be quarter finals instead of knockout stage play offs. And there will be five days between matches for each team.

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