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NFL blunders

Thanksgivings Gone Bad At The NFL?

For many people in the United States and beyond, the big highlight in November is the American football bonanza that takes place on Thanksgiving Day. No sport is predictable, especially football. So it’s not surprising that there have been some absolute doozies of NFL blunders.

Whether they make you laugh or cry, it’s worth reliving these NFL blunders and picturing the scenes of Thanksgivings gone by.

The NFL’s thanksgiving history

As you may or may not be aware, the National Football League was founded in Canton, Ohio on 17 September 1920. They didn’t waste much time in tradition making, as they endeavoured to hold games on Thanksgiving Day during their inaugural season.

And just like clockwork, games have been held every Thanksgiving Day since, with the exception for a five-year gap during the second World War.

2012’s standout blunder

  • Teams playing: New England Patriots and New York Jets
  • Player(s) involved: Mark Sanchez (Jets) and Brandon Moore (Jets)
  • Venue: MetLife Stadium, New Jersey
  • Final score: Patriots win 14-49
  • What happened: To cut a long story short, Sanchez wasn’t looking where he was going during a busted play. He then falls face first into the butt cheeks of his unsuspecting Jets teammate Brandon Moore. And with that, the Butt Fumble was born. Definitely one of the most memorable of all the NFL blunders in history.

1998’s standout blunder

  • Teams playing: Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions

  • Player(s) involved: Jermone Bettis (Steelers)
  • Venue: Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan
  • Final score: Lions win 19-16
  • What happened: As we go into overtime play, an official sets up to do a coin toss to determine what team starts. Bettis steps up to the plate to call for the Steelers. So far, so unremarkable. That is, until the official calls it. The coin lands on tails. Bettis claims he called tails. The official swears Bettis said heads. Bettis is FURIOUS at the confusion.
  • The rant that follows goes down as one of the most embarrassing moments in NFL Thanksgiving history.

    1993’s standout blunder

    • Teams playing: Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys
    • Player(s) involved: Leon Lett (Cowboys) and Peter Stoyanovich (Miami Dolphins)
    • Venue: Texas Stadium, Irving, Texas
    • Final score: Dolphins win 14-16
    • What happened: This game is coming to an end and it’s so close, 14-13 to the Cowboys. Stoyanovich tries to kick a 41-yard goal but his attempts are blocked. With seconds to go, it looks like an open and shut case for the Cowboys. If nothing else happens, the Cowboys will be victorious. But of course, something does. Lett slips on the snowy field and falls onto the ball, meaning it’s live once again. A fast-acting Stoyanovich bursts into action, scoring from the one-yard line with three seconds to spare.

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