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Play For A Share Of €3,000 Every Week Until 26th March With Bet365 Poker MTT Missions

January 19, 2017

Throughout December 2016, Bet365 Poker ran several promotions based on their popular Missions series of offers and one of these was a Multi Table Tournament-based promotion. Each week there was a total of €3,000 up for grabs for players that completed the missions linked to the offer.

Well fast-forward a month and due to the popularity of this offer, Bet365 have decided to resurrect it again. This time though the offer will run not just for one month, but will run right the way through until almost the end of March (the close date for the promotion being Sunday 26th March).

Once again the promotion is called the €3,000 MTT Missions and it is set up very much like the original offer was back in December, which means just two missions to complete and the missions do not change throughout the duration of the promotion.

The two missions that can be completed are known as the Mini Mission (which is an equivalent of a Daily Mission) and the High Mission (which is the equivalent of a Weekly Mission).

The promotion is organised into qualifying weeks which start each Sunday night at 18:00 GMT and run through until 17:59 on the following Sunday night.

Let’s now take a closer look at how the mechanics of this offer from Bet365 Poker work.

The €3,000 MTT Missions offer explored in more detail

Like the offer available in the run up to the New Year, the two missions that are the cornerstone of the MTT Missions offer this winter on Bet365 Sport will not change and it will be the same two missions that players can complete each qualifying week.

The missions you can complete are as follows:

  • Mini Mission (once per day) – Play three scheduled tournaments with a buy in of €10 or less and you will earn a €500 MTT Mini Mission tournament token. You can enter a maximum of four of these tokens into a single Mini Mission tournament on the following Sunday, though the tokens can be used up to 14 days after they are allocated to you.
  • High Mission (once per week) – Play three scheduled tournaments with a buy in of more than €10 and you will earn a €2,500 MTT High Mission tournament token

What this means is that while you can earn a Mini Mission token each day of a qualifying week (for seven in total) you can only enter a maximum of four into the next €500 MTT Mini Mission tournament taking place the following Sunday, so your remaining three would need to be used in the following week’s tournament.

The High Mission token is much simpler as this can only be completed once during a qualifying week and players are only allowed to enter once into the €2,500 MTT High Mission tournament held each week.  This means that in this bigger prize event, every player that enters stands the same chance of winning a prize.

It is important to therefore note that the start times for each of the two tournaments part of the promotion are as follows. For the Mini Mission tournament, this gets under way at 18:00 (6pm) GMT each Sunday of the promotion, while the High Mission starts at 18:15 (6.15pm) GMT also on each Sunday of the promotion.

The keen eyed amongst you will have noted that the moment the Mini Mission tournament begins on a Sunday, qualifying for the next week of the promotion also starts immediately, meaning you can start to earn a new batch of tokens for next week’s tournaments from the get go.

What prizes can be won in each of the weekly tournaments?

Obviously, the €500 and €2,500 weekly tournaments have their total prize funds outlined in the title of the tournament, but there are also other similarities with how the prizes are divided in each being the same, only the amounts awarded to each player being slightly different.

In the €500 MTT Freeroll, there are a total of 50 prizes available and each prize is the same value of €10. This means that in order to win the top prize available, you need to be one of the final 50 players in the tournament.

For the €2,500 MTT Freeroll, 50 prizes are also available but this time the amount available to be won by each of the players is €50. All the prizes are awarded as Tournament Tokens which can be used to play in any MTT or Sit & Go game on the Bet365 Poker site.

You can then use the tournament tokens that you win as part of the offer to enter MTT and Sit & Go games at Bet365 Poker up to the value of your token win. You can use a token to enter a cheaper tournament (say use a €10 token to enter a €5 tournament) but the balance of your token is not returned to the player once redeemed.

How will each of the MTT Freerolls play out?

Both of the freerolls held each week as part of this promotion will be “All In” freerolls. This means that in these events, players do not need to turn up to play as regardless of the hand they have been dealt, they will be placed All In each hand.

This means that poker skill plays no part in deciding who wins the cash prizes as it is entirely down to the luck of the cards you are dealt, combined with the cards revealed as the flop, turn and river to decide which player wins the hand and continues in the tournament and which players are eliminated.

What this means is that if you are a poker novice, you have the same chance of winning as an experienced poker player. However, the flip side is that you cannot use your skills to improve your chances of earning a cash prize.

All you need to do to compete in these events is to earn your tournament tokens by completing the Mini and High Missions and then when you have been awarded a token, enter yourself into the next Freeroll event taking place the following Sunday. You don’t even need to tune in to see how the tournament unfolds as the event will be played through in your absence.

If you win a prize then Bet365 will aim to have the token in your account ready for you to play with within 24 hours of your prize being confirmed.

With Missions Month still available and the Twister Warrior promotion still being promoted on the site, this is a great time for missions fans to enjoy a little extra poker at Bet365 over the coming weeks.

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