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It may seem strange to think that Poker was a game that was derived from other card games, but that is very much the case. While you can’t trace the history of poker back to any one particular game, there are some that have played a role in its development and eventual success and one of those games was 3 Card Brag.

The game was originally developed in the 16th Century in the United Kingdom and it was itself based on a game called Primero, which was hugely popular at the time of Queen Elizabeth I. The game, which was originally played by two or more players, has been altered over time to become a casino game played by a player against the casino. Not as popular perhaps as blackjack or poker, 3 Card Brag is still the game of choice for a select number of punters.

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Let us now learn a little more about this particular version of 3 Card Brag at bet365 Games and just how easy it is to play.

Key Rules of 3 Card Brag

The bet365 Games version of 3 Card Brag is essentially a betting game, where the player can bet on two different things, either the outcome of the game, or the cards that they are dealt as part of their hand. There are two bets that can be made on the outcome of the game, the Ante and Play bets, while the Bonus Bet can be made on the cards that they are dealt.

Players can elect to place just an Ante bet, or just a Bonus bet provided it meets the minimum bet amount (£1.00) and does not exceed the maximum table limit (£100). Alternatively, they can elect to place an Ante bet and a Bonus bet if they so wish. A game does not start until a qualifying bet is made.

Let’s explain what these bets mean in simple terms:

  • Ante Bet – A bet that the player makes on themselves winning the hand. Certain high ranking hands also qualify for an Ante Bonus (see below).
  • Play Bet – A continuation bet which the player makes to see the dealers cards and complete the hand. The Play bet is always the same amount as that made for the Ante bet.
  • Bonus Bet – A bet on whether the player will be dealt a hand comprising of a pair of cards or better. If the player does land a hand of this value, and plays the hand through to a conclusion, they will receive a payout regardless of whether their hand wins or loses against the dealer for this bet alone.

A Bonus Bet pays out at a stated set of odds in this version of 3 Card Brag and they are as follows:

  • Pair – Even Money
  • Flush – 4/1
  • Run – 6/1
  • Running Flush – 30/1
  • Prial (three of a kind) – 40/1

Furthermore, if a player lands a hand in the standard game that is rated above a Run or better, then they will also receive a special Ante bonus on top of any winnings that they land in the game.

  • Run – Even Money
  • Running Flush – 4/1
  • Prial – 5/1

The final thing to note is how the hands are ranked in a game of 3 Card Brag as they are slightly different to standard poker rankings, and of course, the dealer and player only receive three cards each during each game.

  • 3 Card Brag Hand Rankings

These are the hands you can have in 3 Card Brag, ranked from highest to lowest in value:

  • Three Threes (Prial of threes) – Any trio of threes in a hand, regardless of suit, is the highest rated hand in 3 Card Brag.
  • Three of a Kind (Prial) – The other three of a kind hands from the Ace down to the Two are rated in the standard order behind the three threes.
  • Running Flush – A hand of consecutively numbered cards which are all of the same suit, such as the 5, 6 and 7 of hearts.
  • Run – A hand of consecutively numbered cards of two or more different suits, such as the ten of clubs, jack of spades and queen of diamonds.
  • Flush – Three cards of any value but all of the same suit (such as the 6, 7 and Ace of clubs)
  • Pair – A hand comprising of two cards of the same value, plus one other card (such as the three of clubs, three of diamonds and nine of spades).
  • High Card – A hand comprising of three different value cards where the value of the highest card in the hand is used.

Obviously, if players end up with the same hand (such as each land a pair) then the highest value of the cards used to make the hand will determine who is the winner of the hand.

Now that you understand the bets made and how each of the possible hand ranks in 3 Card Brag, here is how a typical game progresses.

How to Play 3 Card Brag

Once you have made your bet to start the game, the game begins by the player being dealt three cards face up on screen. The dealer is also dealt three cards, but these are displayed face down.

The player then must decide whether they want to continue with the hand, and in doing so make a Play Bet equal in value to the Ante Bet, or whether they want to fold the hand.

If a player folds, then any bet then the Ante bet they have placed and any Bonus bet placed, is lost and the game will end at that point.

If a player places the Play Bet, then the game will continue by the three dealer cards being revealed.

At this point, the game will compare the two hands and decide what the outcome of the hand is based on the cards held by the dealer and the player. But the first thing that is determined is whether the dealer’s hand qualifies to be played or not.

To qualify, the dealer must have a hand of a Queen high or better. If the dealer does not have a hand of a Queen high or better, then they do not qualify. When this occurs, a player receives back their Play Bet, they also receive an even money return on their Ante Bet. Also if the player has played a bonus bet and lands a win, they will receive the cash from this bet too.

If the dealers hand does qualify and the dealer wins the hand, then the players loses their Play and Ante bets, but could still earn a payout from their Bonus bet if they made one. If the player’s hand wins, then the player receives an even money return on their Ante and Play bets, plus any Bonus bet winnings they may have.

A player can of course also earn an Ante Bonus return if their winning hands is a Run or better and these are paid out on top of the standard winnings received by the player as outlined above.

The Key Decision

The only decision a player makes in 3 Card Brag is whether to play or not and as such, that is the major strategic influence of the game. However, seeing as not playing means you lose, you tend to find that most brag players will tend to play a far wider range of hands than they would do if playing poker for example. It only tends to be the poorer High Card hands that players tend to fold.

That is the essence of 3 Card Brag at bet365 Games so why not load up the game and give it a try today?

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