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Diagnose Your Poker Personality

Are you ready to take a good look at your deepest, innermost poker desires and dreams? Rip open the cover of your poker personality and discover the kind of person you really are…

No, let’s cut the crap. Obviously your poker personality isn’t some extremely deep and meaningful aspect of your “inner you”. However, it is good to know how other players perceive you. And, of course, it’s good to spot your opponent’s poker personality too.

Let’s throw a few labels out there and you can decide for yourself which fits you the best.

You’re always DYING to see the flop

Can’t wait to see what the flop has up its sleeve? And are you pretty much always optimistic that it could do wonders paired with your hole cards. Then chances are, you’re a loose player.

Loose players play it fast and loose with their cards. They’re happy to see the flop a whole lot more than average. Depending on just how loose you are, you might see anywhere from 30% to 100% of the flops in a game you play.

Why risk it?

On the other hand, tight players don’t think like that at all. In fact, compared to loose players, it might seem like these players never want to see the flop. Generally speaking, they only play the choicest of cards.

And that means that they play a whole lot few hands on average. Typically, that’s something like 10%-25% of hands.

Let’s blow these fish out of the water

When you’re playing poker, you’re really mother-fing playing poker. You take no prisoners, you’re not afraid of a raise or a re-raise. In other words, you’re aggressive.

It doesn’t matter if your hand isn’t extremely strong or maybe if you’re still waiting for your card to come up on the turn. You’ll be damned if you fold now.

Raise? We don’t know her

If you rarely ever raise and you feel pretty much the opposite about all those aggressive player statements, you’re a passive player.

For you, you’ve got two main moves. Either you call or you fold. You’re not interested in pushing the boat out and betting or, God forbid, re-raising. No, instead you like to keep things on an even keel and see how it all plays out.

Let’s mix it up

In poker, you can be more than one thing. With these basic poker personality traits, you can mix and match to find your own.

For example, if you see lots of flops and you’re always raising/reraising, you’re Loose-Aggressive. Or maybe you don’t see a whole lot, but when you do, you go hard. Then you’re Tight-Aggressive.

Poker personality diagnosed, now let’s play

Looking for somewhere to play a few hands? Well take your newly diagnosed poker personality and bring it to the felt. Online is obviously easiest for most, and if you’re looking for a trusty online poker room, we’ve got a great fit in bet365. Plus if you sign up with this bet365 bonus code, you’re going to be pretty happy with your welcome offer.


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