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The Best Podcasts For Poker Fans

There are so many great poker podcasts at the moment it can be hard to keep up. How do you sort the not-so-great from the stellar though? We all have limited time for listening, so you want to make sure you’re subscribed to the best of the best.

From useful strategy tips and intriguing interviews to juicy gossip and pure lols, we’ve got a podcast to suit you.

What are the best poker podcasts?

The best poker podcasts are, of course, subjective. But here are our picks for a great listen!

Red Chip Poker

Red Chip Poker is one of the best poker podcasts around. Just stick in an ear bud and you can have your own personal poker coach whispering sweet strategy tips in your ear.

Released roughly once a month, this podcast is best suited to players who already have a pretty good handle on the game and are looking to improve their skills with interesting new plays and valuable insights.

Chasing Poker Greatness

We love everything about this podcast, from its name down to its incredible cast of guests. Pro player Brad Wilson is the host and he grills some of the world’s most successful players, both men and women, to find out what drives them.

The journey to poker greatness can be bumpy and Wilson doesn’t shy away from examining the struggles players have had along the way. The focus here is mostly on hold’em and pot limit Omaha, so if you’re trying to improve in those games, it’s a good idea to check out Chasing Poker Greatness.

Smart Poker Study

Every week Sky Matsuhashi gives the world a bitesized Smart Poker Study nugget of goodness to improve your game one step at a time. It covers everything from pot odds to bluffing to tilt, in a very digestible format that rarely lasts more than 20 minutes.

Thinking Poker

Much like Chasing Poker Greatness, Thinking Poker is a long form podcast and its episodes are typically well over an hour. Here you get to hear from the big stars of the poker world, as well as lesser known background figures. The interview typically forms the main body of the episode, but we love the regular strategy segment too.

And for fans of Chasing Poker Greatness, you can even catch Brad Wilson being interviewed on Thinking Poker episode #369!

Honourable mentions

Okay, so these aren’t exactly poker podcasts. But they are fantastic regular people podcasts with episodes that focus on poker. We love the storytelling here and think each one does poker justice.

Want a little extra on top of these poker podcasts?

Got your fill of poker podcasts? If you want to learn even more about poker strategy and discover amazing stories, we’ve got lots of poker book recommendations for you.

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