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What Presents Should You Buy A Poker Fan?

If you need to buy a few poker presents for a certain card shark in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to run down a few of the choicest things to pick up for a poker fan. And listen, if you’re the poker fan in question, these are perfect treats to pick up for yourself too.

Poker presents for a bookworm

That’s right, we’re recommending books. It’s not a revolutionary present idea by any stretch, but if the person you’re buying a present for is a reader, it’ll be well received.

But not all books about poker are created equal. Some of them aren’t very well written and some are a little bit boring, if we’re being honest.

However, we’ve hand-picked a few excellent options for you. From exciting reads about the inner workings of high rollers to books that drill down on strategy for newbies or advanced players, we’ve got a book for you. Check out these poker book recommendations to learn more.

What to get the poker host

Have you got a friend who’s always offering to host poker games in their place? Well then, there’s a big chance they do it because they love all the bits and pieces that go with it.

So pick up some nice poker chips or a decent pack or two of cards. If you don’t have a clue where to start, you can get composite poker chips that are decent value and won’t break the bank. Or for something really special, try to find some ceramic chips. These are more expensive, but feel great and any home game host will be proud to dish them out to their guests.

And for cards, definitely get something durable. Look out for a thermoplastic deck. Do you really want to splash out? Try and get some customisable cards where you can insert custom text or even a foil monogram.

Another excellent present for home game hosts is an automatic card shuffler. Now it’s probably not for every host. Some people just love showing off their shuffling skills. But for those who are practical, like to save time and are sticklers for a well shuffled deck, an automatic shuffler is a good idea.

For those who like to hit the felt online

Searching for an online poker player? Then there are a number of things you could get them to make playing a bit easier. Why not make them a little DIY gift hamper made of thoughtful things.

It could include a notebook and pen for taking notes during their online games, a decent tub of instant coffee for a quick caffeine hit if a tournament runs late. And then add in some nice sweet and savoury snacks and also something cosy like a blanket or a pair of slippers.

Poker bonus code

Okay, well this one is a bit cheeky. But we think the gift of a really awesome online poker room recommendation is one of the best poker presents you can get.

So here’s one of our favourites. The bet365 bonus code will get new players a truly fantastic welcome offer. You can use it yourself, of course, or if you’re already a fan of the site, pass it on to a friend who’s yet to sign up to bet365.


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