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Premium Pairs Makes A Welcome Return To Bet365 Poker For June

June 7, 2017

Log into Bet365 Poker at the moment and you’ll recognise that the promotion for June has been run on the site before. Indeed, it was only a few months ago that Bet365 last ran the Pairs Collector promotion on their poker platform, but it proved to be such an instant hit with customers that they have decided to run the simple and easy-to-follow offer once again.

If you aren’t a member at Bet365 Poker yet and would like to participate in the promotion then click on the following link to claim your fantastic Bet365 bonus code no deposit offer, which includes €5 no deposit required, plus a fantastic 100% deposit bonus when you do make your first payment into your newly created account.

Once you have signed up then you are all ready to go and can head on over to Bet365 Poker to participate in this fantastic offer, which has €50,000 up for grabs and which must be won across 20 days in June.

Let’s learn a little about how the Pair Collector promotion is organised.

Bet365 Poker Pair Collector

Starting on Monday 5th June at midnight and playing through until 20:59 on Sunday 25th June, Bet365’s Pair Collector promotion offers you three weeks of high class poker and the chance to win a share of a €50,000 prize pool via a series of Daily and Weekly freeroll events.

The key thing to remember with the Pair Collector promotion is that you have to head over to the promotional page once you have logged into the Bet365 Poker client software. Here you will be able to see the missions clearly detailed and there is an opt in button you can click to start the mission. You must remember to click this button before you start the mission otherwise any play at the tables will not count towards the mission in question.

You can of course complete both the Daily and Weekly missions available, but you need to complete your current mission (or have its qualification period expire) before you start another.

Two missions are available to complete throughout the promotion. The Daily Mission (which can be completed once per day and has a 24-hour qualification period) and the Weekly Mission (which can be completed once per week and has a weekly qualification period).

  • Bet365 Pairs Collector Daily Mission

The first thing to note about the Daily Mission is that it is the same mission for each day of the promotion and will not change. Secondly, to complete the mission, you need to be playing at No Limit Texas Hold’em Cash Tables at Bet365 Poker with stakes of €0.05/€0.10 or £0.05/£0.10 or above.

To complete the Daily Mission, you need to be dealt a total of four unique pocket pair cards at the tables outlined above within the qualifying period (which runs from midnight through to 23:59).

What qualifies as a unique pocket pair? Well for the terms of this offer Bet365 have qualified that a unique pocket pair is decided by the value of the cards only. So if you were dealt the 7 of hearts and the 7 of clubs in one hand, that is one unique pocket pair. However, if you then received the 7 of diamonds and 7 of spades in a subsequent hand, this is not another unique pair as you have already collected the pair of 7s earlier.

The aim for each player in each daily qualifying period is to collect four unique pocket pairs. If you achieve this then you will receive one free tournament token as a reward. You can use this token to participate in the daily €1,000 Pair Collector ‘All-In’ Shootout Freeroll which takes place on every day of the promotion at 19:00 GMT.

You don’t have to use your ticket on the very next Daily Freeroll scheduled, but you will need to use it before the end of the promotional period as once the final freeroll has taken place, any unused tickets remaining will expire.  All Bet365 customers are only allowed a maximum of one entry into each Daily Freeroll event, but they can enter multiple freeroll events throughout the duration of the promotion by completing the Daily Mission on different days.

  • Bet365 Pairs Collector Weekly Mission

The Weekly Mission (of which there are a total of three for the duration of this promotion) is also about collecting pairs of cards. The first weekly mission starts on the 5th June and runs until 20:59 on the 11th June. The second weekly mission starts at 21:00 on the 11th June running until 20:59 on the 18th June and the last weekly mission starts at 21:00 on the 18th June running until 20:59 on the 25th June.

The Weekly Mission is an extension of the Daily Mission in so much as players need to collect a total of eight unique pocket pairs while playing at the No Limit Texas Hold’em Cash Tables at stakes of €0.05/€0.10 or £0.05/£0.10 or above.

If you can land eight unique pocket pairs during the qualifying period then you receive one free ticket into the Weekly Pocket Pairs All In Shootout, which takes place at 20:00 GMT on the 11th, 18th and 25th June, each of which has a guaranteed prize pool of €10,000 to be won.

Unlike the Daily Missions however, players can earn a second entry into each of these Weekly Freeroll tournaments by completing a supplementary mission. If you can collect an additional two unique pocket pairs on top of the eight you collected to earn your first entry into the event, then Bet365 Poker will reward you with an additional second tournament token.

Players can enter each of the three Weekly Pocket Pair Freerolls a maximum of two times per player. All freerolls, both Weekly and Daily freerolls are All In Shootouts, which means that all players in the tournament are placed All In on each hand until the winner of the tournament is decided. Players that earn a cash prize by going deep into the tournament will be notified by Bet365 if they are a winner and the bonus cash earned will be added to their account shortly after the result of the tournament is known.

With these tournaments being All In Shootout events, there is no requirement for a player to be sat at the tables when these events take place. All you need to do is to ensure you register for the event beforehand and you will then stand a chance of a prize should you manage to finish in the prize spots for each tournament.


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