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Are Progressive Jackpot Slots Really All That Great?

Of course, here at No Deposit Poker we spend most of our time on the felt. But every now and then it’s nice to venture out into the wider world of online gambling. Sports betting is of course a favourite, but we have a special place in our hearts for casino too. Particularly progressive slots.

If you haven’t thought all that deeply about progressives before, or if you’re totally new to them, now is your chance to find out what’s so compelling about this type of game.

The progressive slot’s jackpot grows with every spin

The main draw of progressive slots is the jackpot. A lot of the time you can see the jackpot rising in real time even before you hit play on your slot of choice. The reason this jackpot is rising is because every time someone spins the reels, a small percentage of what they pay is added to the jackpot total. That means the jackpot gets inflated in real time.

It’s extremely compelling stuff.

Random trigger

Progressive slots can have their jackpot triggered at any point. It’s pretty random, so there’s always that feeling that it could be you. Now there are a few caveats to this. Some progressives have jackpots that are triggered once in a particular period of time (say once a week) or that won’t release until they reach a minimum threshold. And from time to time, players who pay at the lowest levels either don’t have a shot at the jackpot or their chances are reduced. But, by and large, this is a fairly democratic release of a huge cash prize.

Jackpots can be MASSIVE

By their very nature, progressive slots can have jackpots that reach astronomical heights. For example, at the time of writing there is a slot at bet365 with a jackpot north of €5m. Breathtaking, right? Even the smallest jackpot amount in their stable of slots was hitting €45,000 when we were doing our research. Of course, the €5m definitely catches our eye, but we wouldn’t say no to even the smallest jackpot!

Oh and if you’re not yet signed up to bet365, you can start your journey with this bet365 bonus code and get in on the progressive slots action fast.

What about poker with a progressive twist?

Still want to focus your online gaming session on poker but like the sound of a progressive jackpot? Well then we’ve got a fine solution for you. Age of the Gods Twister Poker is a spin off of regular Twister, which you can read more about here, but with one main difference. Every time you play, Age of the Gods Twister, a small percentage of your buy-in is added to a progressive jackpot. Then a player is picked at random to play the Age of the Gods bonus game. During this game, they’ve got a chance to take home one of four jackpots. The largest one has a minimum payout threshold of €100,000. Then after that’s all done and dusted, their three-handed Twister sit and go proceeds as normal. So you always get that satisfying dose of poker in there too!


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