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Like To Keep To A Schedule? Here Are Sky Poker’s Regular Tournaments

Tournament poker is without doubt the quickest growing form of the game in the world at the moment. While traditionalists may prefer cash table games, and those with limited time will opt for no deposit poker bonus Skythe range of sit and go games available, tournament poker remains one of the most popular forms of the game on any site.

This is especially true on Sky Poker, where the range of tournaments available means that poker fans who enjoy tournament gaming have a wealth of options available to them every single day of the week through regular tournaments alone, not withstanding the additional tournaments that are almost always available on site that run alongside one of the many promotions available.

In this article, we’ll take a look at these regular tournaments that you can find on Sky Poker every day and explain a little about how each works.

Before we talk about individual tournament types however, we do need to recognise that Sky Poker offer tournaments for three different types of poker:

  • Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi Lo

Hold’em is of course by far and away the most popular version of the game on the site, but fans of Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo can click on these tabs (and the All filter underneath) to discover what tournaments are available for these poker disciplines. The choice isn’t as great as for Hold’em but there are still a fair few tournaments to play in each day.

The vast majority of Sky Poker’s poker tournaments are for the much more popular Hold’em fan and each day you can select from a wide range of tournament types to play in. Let’s take a look at the types of tournament you can readily play in each day on Sky Poker.

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£25 to £300 Guaranteed Tournaments

Each day Sky Poker runs a wide range of tournaments with a cash prize guaranteed ranging from £25 up to £300. These tournaments are not all to the same format, some a rebuy events, some are freezeouts, some are speed or turbo events where the blinds increase more rapidly and the starting stacks are somewhat smaller. There is a great range of tournaments to play in each day and buy ins start from just £1.10 meaning that Sky Poker customers of all bankroll levels will have a great choice of guaranteed events to play in.

£2.20+ Deep Stack

There are a number of deep stack tournaments also available on Sky Poker under the Regular tab. These events are priced from a very affordable £2.20 upwards and in deep stack games, players start the tournament with a lot more chips than normal. This does mean that these events do last longer than regular tournaments and a lot longer than speed or turbo events as all players have a lot more chips to start with.

Bounty Hunter

Sky Poker PromotionBounty Hunter tournaments are one of the most popular of all tournaments on the Sky Poker platform and they differ from normal tournaments in how the prize fund is split. In a normal tournament a player pays a tournament fee (usually around 10% of the buy in) and the remainder of the fee goes towards the tournament prize. In a Bounty Hunter a player sees a percentage of their fee placed in the prize pot (usually between 50% and 75%) with the remainder of the buy in placed on the players head as a bounty. When one player eliminates another player by taking all their remaining chips, they win that players bounty, a percentage of which is placed straight into your Sky Poker account and the remainder is added to the bounty on your head. Bounty Hunter games are therefore ideal for players who enjoy the thrill of eliminating opponents and it is perfectly feasible to earn more from eliminating opponents than by finishing in the cash prizes.


Timed tournaments on Sky Poker are usually either 15 minutes or 30 minutes long. Most offer a guaranteed prize fund of between £20 and £300 with buy ins ranging from £3.30 upwards. Timed tournaments are very different to usual poker tournaments in that they are not about eliminating other players to earn yourself a cash prize. A timed tournament ends after the time stated has elapsed and the players remaining in the tournament at this point share the prize money in proportion to the number of chips they hold. So, if a player has 40% of the chips on the table, they take home 40% of the total prize fund and so on. Timed tournaments are ideal for tighter players who can accumulate chips quickly.


Sky Poker has a very close relationship with its TV Channel, Sky Poker TV, which you can view live streamed to your mobile by following the link on the Sky Poker site. A large part of Sky Poker TV’s programming is based on the games and promotions offered on Sky Poker and as such, they designate certain tournaments as Televised, meaning that the channel’s researchers will review play at these tables and perhaps use them as examples in their TV programmes to follow.

Other times, the channel will also show live play from tournaments taking place and if you want to participate in these events, these are the tournaments to target.

There are a range of televised tournaments to play in but buy ins do tend to be a little more expensive than on other Sky Poker tournament tabs.


Each week on Sky Poker the site offers a number of big money games that can only be bought in for relatively high amounts and in addition, the site runs a number of promotions throughout the year, many of which feature high buy in tournaments.

However, if you want to try and play your way to a place for just a small buy in, you can use the satellite option.

These are tournaments that you need to finish in the qualifying positions to earn a seat at the next, higher buy in event until you qualify for the main event itself. There are usually many satellites available on Sky Poker each week for a wide variety of events and promotions and buy ins range from just £1.60 upwards.


Finally, one of the most popular tournaments regularly available on Sky Poker is the freeroll. Each day the site runs several £20 Gtd Turbo Freeroll events, which are free to enter if you have enough Sky Poker Points to use to pay for your entry.

The site may also offer several other freeroll events to special promotions that run across the site throughout the year. The £20 Guaranteed Freerolls are very popular with Sky Poker tournament players as they only cost Sky Poker points to enter and you can be sure of finding good quality tournament poker there each day, several times a day.

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