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Mobile Poker App Review: Poker Income

Poker Income App ReviewAvailable for: iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows 8 Mobile (also available for Desktop PC’s)

Cost: Free (but there is a professional version available for $9.99 with additional features)



One of the most important skills any poker player who is serious about playing will learn is the importance of bankroll management.

Poker Income is an app which allows you to do this in more detail than ever before, even to the point of scrutinising how much you are spending on food, drink and tips while playing.

The first thing to note about the app is that the instructions to use it are non-existent, which means if you are not already well versed in poker terminology and the kind of data that you need to add to make this app worthwhile, then it is going to be a struggle to get any real value out  of it.

The other thing to note is that this an app that is designed for functionality alone.

There are no fancy graphics and handy gizmos included in the app to make it more appealing or attractive on the eye.

Indeed, entering the data can feel somewhat like completing a spreadsheet at work.

Poker Income App UKSo if you are not a big fan of a somewhat mathematical approach to using the app and are expecting fancy graphics and cutesy animations, you will be disappointed.

Poker Income is designed to allow you to enter your raw poker data into it as quickly as possible and then for it to be presented as quickly and simply as possible.

And if that is what you need as a poker player, then the Poker Income App certainly does its job.

You can enter two types of data for Cash Games and Tournaments and in each you can enter all the fundamentals of each game you play such as:

  • When and where you played (of course, you can include online and offline poker games here)

  • How much the buy in was, or how much you took to the table in a cash game

  • How long you played for (including breaks)

  • What the small and big blinds were (for cash games)

  • How much you spent on sundry items such as food, drinks and tips

  • How much you cashed out with at the end of the game (or winnings in tournament play)

  • The number of players who played and the number of hands played (cash games) and more.

Poker Income Management AppClicking on the icons at the bottom of the page takes you through the different options available, including reports on how your Cash Game and Tournament data in general, as well as the option to enter data in on any new poker sessions.

One of the nice touches is that there is an extensive Set Up section which allows you to set up the app exactly how you want it, link it to social networking sites, change the default options available for the games and tables you play at and much more.

There are also two ways you can view your data, you can look at it as a tabular review on the opening pages of the Cash Game and Tourney Options, or you can review your data more fully by looking at the graphs.

Here you can see how you are performing across a whole host of different criteria.

You can see a chart of your bankroll and how it has improved, or diminished, over time, how you perform at different locations (such as home poker games, club poker games as well as a wide range of online poker sites and mobile poker apps), you can also break down which variation of poker is your most and least profitable in the Top Game Chart.

You can even see which months of the year and days of the week have proven to be the most and least profitable for you.

Poker Income ChartsAll you need to do to let the app work for you is take time to input the relevant data after each poker event that you play in.

Once you have entered the data and saved it to the app, Poker Income then automatically updates the relevant sections, tables and graphs with the new data.

Positive Points

The positive aspects of the Poker Income App is that once you have got used to how it works, entering the data on it quickly becomes easy and intuitive.

It does take a little time to get used to, especially if you are not a very experienced player, but it is worth persevering with.

The reason for that is simply that it provides the poker player with a huge wealth of data which allows them to analyse their game in minute detail like never before.

Even if you play many variations of poker, on many different sites or in the real world at all times of the year this app can record it and give you an unbiased view of where and when your poker game is strongest and weakest.

By using the data in the app, it makes it easier for you to recognise where your strengths and weaknesses in the poker arena lie.

Are you a more profitable player at cash games or tournament play? Do you earn more of a weekend, or during the week? Are you a better Omaha player than Hold’em player?

Poker Income Tracking App ReviewDo you win more playing Fixed Limit or Pot Limit rather than No Limit Hold’em?

Poker Income will give you the answers to all these questions and more provided you take time to input the data.

Negative Points

There are just a few negative issues with Poker Income.

Certainly as bankroll management software goes, especially a free version, it does the job.

But Poker Income is not the most spectacular app and the lack of instructions – even though the app is intuitive to more experienced players – does little to help new poker players wanting to use the app.

Poker Income does the number crunching very well, but its graphs are very basic and the lack of colour options (there is no setting to change the colours of the graph display) does make them somewhat dull to look at.

Several users of the app have also reported problems with the back-up function, which can save your saved data to in the Cloud to ensure it is safeguarded against loss.

This has the potential to be a real issue, especially if you have built up a considerable amount of poker data in the app and then cannot back it up safely.


Poker Income does look basic, but that is because it is performing a basic mathematical task and while there are no bangs or whistles regarding the presentation, it is still excellent at what it does.

While it looks simple, I would say that the app is certainly aimed at the more serious poker player who has invested considerable time and effort into the game and wants to keep a professional-quality overview of their bankroll and performance in a wide variety of competitions.

Poker Income App ReviewedThat said, it can still provide useful information for less able players who may want to use it to track their performance over time.

The graphs are functional but  hardly inspiring but they do get across the information you need to know and the extensive setting options means that you can set up the app ideally as you would like.

Score: 80%

For free, this app represents great value for money and offers the serious poker player lots of options to help track their game over a large number of different parameters.

It is not spectacular, but communicates all that it needs to.

It’s an app that is certainly potentially of great use to serious poker players, but which a beginner can use at a more basic level to track their game data too.

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