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Be A Social Media Star And Drive The Prize Away In February With Sky Poker

February 9, 2017

Are you one of those fortunate Priority Club members at Sky Poker who earned 10,000 points during the months of November, December or January? Well if you are then there is an outstanding new promotion available for you to play throughout February that could see you driving away with an incredible Audi A3 Sport in your colour of choice.

This is thanks to the Drive The Prize promotion currently running on Sky Poker alongside their Spinner Winner promotion, which is aimed at customers who have not yet managed to achieve Priority Member status on the Sky Poker VIP Scheme.

Let’s take a look at this somewhat rare promotion on Sky Poker which is only open to its bigger spending Priority Member customers.

What is the Drive the Prize promotion?

The Drive the Prize promotion is based around one nine-seated table main event, which will feature eight Priority Club members who qualify for the event through the promotion, plus one other SkyBet customer who will qualify via a different social media-based competition.

Just making it to this final table will guarantee you a prize of £500 and there is a prize pool of £15,000 on offer too, meaning that you could significantly increase the size of that prize if you progress deep into the competition.

However, if you are the player left holding all the chips at the end of the competition, then you will walk away with an Audi A3 Sport, in the colour of your choice, which is valued at a cool £25,000.  There are cash prizes on offer for the players finishing 2nd to 9th in the event.

There are eight places in this event up for grabs and two have already been awarded following the first week of the promotion (which started on the 1st February and runs through until the 28th February). However that means there is still a total of six places still to be won over the coming three weeks.

How do I win a place in the Drive the Prize Main Event?

There are essentially two ways you can earn a ticket in the Drive the Prize Main Event, one way is through the four Weekly Points Races competition on Sky Poker and the other is through the fourSky Poker Promotion weekly Prize Draws that will take place throughout the duration of the promotion.

Weekly Points Races

Each week starting on a Wednesday (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd February) a new qualifying week will start for the Weekly Points Race. To enter this event, head to the Enter Offer Code section of the site and enter the promotional code “PRIOCAR” to confirm your participation.

All you need to do is play games at Sky Poker for real cash during a qualifying week to earn Poker Points with the company by playing real cash games on site. The more Poker Points you earn at Sky Poker the higher up the leaderboard you will go. Finish at the top of the leaderboard on any of the four weeks and you’ll have booked yourself a place in the Drive the Prize Final.

You must ensure you enter the offer code before you start playing as it is only play after you have entered the code that counts towards the promotion, though you do only have to enter it once to play in all four weeks of the promotion.

Weekly Prize Draws

The second way you can enter a ticket in the Drive the Prize Final is via one of the four weekly prize draw events that take place each week. Once again this offer runs off the number of Sky Poker Points you earn while playing real cash games on the site.

For every 500 Sky Poker Points earned, you will receive one Golden Ticket into the next draw. You can earn as many Golden Tickets as you like for each of the draws and every ticket earned for that draw is entered. Once the closing date is reached for a qualifying week, the draw is made and the winning ticket receives a seat at the Drive the Prize final.

You can of course earn Golden Tickets while accruing points in the Weekly Points Race, which means that most Priority Rewards players that participate in this offer should get at least two chances per week of earning a place in the final.

What is the Drive the Prize Final Live Event?

The Drive The Prize Final is going to be a big event for Sky Poker, so much so that it is going to be streamed live over the Internet and all players that have earned a place in the final, will be handed a travel and accommodation budget of £150 which they can use to travel to the Casino235 in Manchester to play in this event.

The cards are in the air at 12:30pm on Saturday 18th March 2017 ,with a short break for a buffet planned roughly half way through the tournament.

The full breakdown of prizes in the tournament is as follows:

  • 1st Place – An Audi A3 Sports in the colour of your choice worth £25,000
  • 2nd Place – £5,000
  • 3rd Place – £3,000
  • 4th Place – £2,000
  • 5th Place – £1,500
  • 6th Place – £1,250
  • 7th Place – £1,000
  • 8th Place – £750
  • 9th Place – £500

It is worth noting that the casino, as is standard practice nowadays for real world casinos, does employ a dress code with no tracksuit bottoms, football shirts, sports shoes, hoodies or construction/building clothing allowed and no flip flops.

Sky Poker will be live streaming the action from the tables as it happens across a wide range of social media platforms and in addition, the company will be interviewing the finalists and taking photographs and video as events unfold at the table.

By participating in this promotion, you are giving consent for Sky Poker to use your face, name, photograph, alias and Twitter handle for promotional purposes and furthermore, if you are the lucky winner of the Audi A3, you will be required to do some promotional work regarding the delivery of your vehicle to your home.

Lastly, if you are not already a member of 235 Casino in Manchester, competitors will need to join on the day and will need relevant ID such as a Drivers License or Passport to sign up.

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