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Everything You Need To Know About Accumulators

Sports accumulators. How much do you really know about them? If you’re a bit spooked by them because you think they’re complicated, we’re here to break them down for you.

Once you’re finished with this quick article, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge that you need to confidently place your first accumulator.

So if that’s your goal, keep reading…

Sports accumulators: the definition

Simply put, sports accumulators are single bets that are made up of multiple selections, also known as folds. To be a true accumulator, it’s got to be at least four folds. And on some online sportsbooks, you’ve got the option to add up to 20 different folds to your accumulator! That’s a whole lot of options.

Those selections often could be individual bets in their own rite, but with acculators, you’ve got to win on each selection in order to win your bet.

Accumulators take place across several events

An accumulator has to take place across several different races, matches or games. However, it’s possible in many sportsbooks to make multiple selections in the same game. But that’s not an accumulator, my friend. That is known as a same game multiple.

This is handy lingo to know if that’s the kind of bet you want to make.

More risk, more reward

By their very nature, the chances of accumulators paying out are lower than with individual bets. You should be fully aware of that going in, on average less accumulators pay out than with regular wagers.

But if your accumulator does pay out, you can look forward to bigger rewards. It also means it can be more exciting to see what happens with these kind of bets. They’re definitely good for thrill seekers!

The risks and the rewards increase with each fold you choose. So if you’re going for the double digits, be prepared for the risks. And if you get a payout, lucky you!

Play it slightly safer

For some sports, it’s possible to opt for an each-way accumulator. This means that you can take a little less risk on and still get a payout.

These are fairly common in the world of horse racing. So with an each-way accumulator there, it’s possible to get a pay out if your horse wins or if they place. But if neither of those scenarios come through, you get butkus.

An accumulator by any other name…

There are so many different names for accumulators. A shortened version, acca, is often used interchangeably. Then if you’re based in the United States, sports accumulators are more commonly referred to as parlays.

But whether you hear accumulator, acca or parlay, it’s all the same thing!

Where can I place a sports accumulator bet online?

Thankfully there are lots of places that offer sports accumulator bets, both online and offline. But one of our top places for sports accumulators has got to be bet365. You can come up with lots of different combinations there. Plus, if you sign up with this bet365 bonus code, you can get a really sweet welcome offer too.


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