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Do You Have What It Takes to be an Elite Warrior at Bet365 Poker?

October 4, 2017

Have you been doggedly working your way through the levels at the brand new Bet365 Poker Loyalty Club? If you have and you have managed to reach the Platinum or Diamond Loyalty Levels, then you are in for a little surprise as Bet365 Poker has released a very rare promotion exclusively for its higher spending players.

It’s called by the somewhat grandiose title of Elite Warrior and it is promising players the chance to earn up to €1,000 in instant cash rewards as part of the promotion.

This new offer seems to highlight Bet365 Poker’s new approach to promotions and offers, with the majority being targeted at all players on the site, but a select few also being made available for the most loyal and highest spending players too.

Remember, you can sign up with Bet365 Poker right now and claim the latest Bet365 Poker no deposit bonus, which is worth €5 instantly to trial the site at no risk to yourself. You can then claim a whole host of other bonuses when you deposit cash into your account, including a 100% deposit bonus, free spins and further batches of €5 worth of Tournament Tokens.

So if you aren’t a customer yet, then you likely won’t be able to participate in the Elite Warrior promotion just yet, though there are a number of other promotions such as the €3,000 MTT Missions and the €400,000 Autumn Festival still ongoing.

But for those players that are eligible for Elite Warrior, how does the promotion work?

How you can become an Elite Warrior at Bet365 Poker?

First of all, this offer is only open to Bet365 customers that have reached either the Platinum or Diamond Loyalty Levels in the new Loyalty Club. Assuming you have then the promotion will run for you from 00:00 on the 2nd October through until 23:59 GMT on the 29th October 2017.

To compete in the promotion you need to head on over to the Elite Warrior promotional page where, if you have the requisite Loyalty Level, there will be a Start button available for you to press. Once you click this button, your participation in the offer is confirmed.

The aim of the promotion is for you to play in any Bet365 Poker real cash games. You can play at the cash tables, in any sit and go tournament, Twister Poker, Six Plus Poker, multi table tournaments, or indeed any other format of the game (such as Omaha or Razz).

As you play and contribute towards the rake (at the cash tables) or pay tournament fees (as in Sit & Go games and Multi Table Tournaments) you will work your way towards a number of milestones.

Once you have earned enough in contributions to the rake and tournament fees to reach and pass a milestone, you will earn yourself a cash prize. The table below outlines the seven different milestones available as part of the offer, how much you need to contribute at each milestone and the reward you can expect to receive if and when you reach that milestone.

Milestone Required Rake/Tournament Fees Reward Cumulative Amount of Rake/Tournament Fees Required.
1 €500 €50 €500
2 €500 €50 €1,000
3 €500 €50 €1,500
4 €1,000 €100 €2,500
5 €1,500 €150 €4,000
6 €2,500 €250 €6,500
7 €3,500 €350 €10,000


All the rewards that are offered to players as part of the Elite Warrior offer are credited to their account as withdrawable funds and can be withdrawn instantly if a player so desires.

Over the course of the month long promotion, Elite Warrior competitors can earn up to €1,000 in rewards on top of any other winnings they achieve when playing their way through the money they invest at the Cash Tables or in Sit & Go or Multi Table Tournament games.

Other forms of poker such as Twister Poker and Six Plus Poker are also included in the offer and players Tournament Fees paid in these events will count towards their Milestones.

It is also worth remembering that in playing through this promotion, all the games you play to qualify for the next milestone will also count towards your standing in the Bet365 Poker Loyalty Club too, which means you stand a good chance of at least maintaining your status, if not improving on it, in the next month too.

The offer can be completed on iPhone, iPad and Android across a range of different mobile devices. Apps for these operating systems are available, or you can play with a no download version of the client software by logging in to

Want to sign up with Bet365 Poker today?

If you are a higher roller, or even someone who just wants to play great value poker across a number of different games and in many different ways, then Bet365 Poker is a great value option for Bet365 Poker Welcome Bonus Offeryou. As a new player, you receive a €5 free no deposit bonus and when you have trialled the site with that and decide you want to join, you can then trigger a number of other bonuses.

First off, you receive a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit which can be worth up to €100 and which is released in increments as you accrue Status Points by playing in real cash games on the site. Furthermore, you can also unlock another batch of tournament tickets worth €5 when you make that initial deposit.

As a new player you’ll also get 10 free spins to use on any of the top slot games offered at Bet365 Poker in the client software. This means you can play slots while you are playing at the tables without needing to leave the site and head to Bet365 Casino, Bet365 Vegas or Bet365 Games.

Then as a new customer you can complete the Welcome Mission which is a simple enough process and which when finished, will give you another reward of €5 in more tournament tokens.

This is a fantastic value offer which is available all year round and which is one of the best deals you can find for any site online. So whether you are a high roller wanting to become an Elite Warrior, or somebody playing their first online poker, Bet365 Poker is the perfect choice for you.

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