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5 Reasons Timeouts Make Sense For Poker Players

It might sound counterintuitive, but a timeout from online poker can be one of the best things you can do if you love poker.

Don’t believe us? Check out just some of the ways that a timeout from online poker can help you.

Timeout from online poker explained

Before we get started, let’s just give you a quick rundown of what a time out is. Put simply, it’s a short break that you can take from online poker (or casino or sportsbetting). You can implement it via your online gambling account and choose to take it from anything from one day to 30.

Also, you can’t cancel it. Once you set it, you just have to wait until your time is up to resume play again.

1. Give yourself some headspace

Ever had that thing where you keep doing the same thing over and over again and keep getting the same results? The same mistakes, not making a whole lot of progress. Sound familiar? Well then a break is probably just what you need.

Set a timeout from online poker for a couple of weeks or even a couple of days. Get out, do other stuff, go for a hike, whatever floats your boat. Then come back refreshed and ready to hit the felt.

2. Time to perfect your game off the felt

If you have a set amount of time per week that you usually play poker, why not use that time instead to swot up? You can read a few strategy books and listen to poker podcasts. Take notes and think about how their tips could be useful in your game when you get back to playing.

3. It’s nice to have a regular schedule

Many poker players are very organised individuals. They like to be able to anticipate what’s going to happen next. And that’s why custom timeouts from online poker work so well for so many players.

You can set a timeout to start at the beginning of the working week and end at the end. Say 9am on a Monday until 5pm on a Friday. And you can set it so it’s recurring. Then you know that every weekend is poker time, and during the week you’re doing other stuff.

4. Set it and forget about poker on holiday

If you’re taking some time off to go travelling or even doing some jobs around the house, why not set a timeout to remove the temptation to play poker on your break. That means you can fully focus on lounging on the beach, climbing a mountain or repainting your doors. Whatever you want to do distraction-free, timeouts can make that just a little easier.

5. Budget your time

People always say time is precious, time is money, and all that. But it is true. Like money, it’s a limited resource. You want to map out exactly how much time and when you want to play online poker. And stick to it.

Timeouts from online poker is just one useful tool that helps you stick to your allocated time limit in online poker play.

Timeouts from online poker are not designed for people who have a problem

If you have a problem with gambling, or suspect you might be developing one, a timeout is not for you. This tool is not a way to manage addiction.

Instead, you need to take more permanent action of a long-term self-exclusion from online gambling and getting help from other organisations.

Be Gamble Aware is available in the UK. Reach out online or call 0808 8020 133. Outside the UK, there are lots of international organisations ready to help when you get in touch.

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