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Brilliant Sports Books You Need To Read

If you’ve got a friend who’s on the fence about sports, we’re here to give them a reading list… These top sports books can make even the most skeptical person excited about the games you love.

Whether you nudge them to read on their Kindle or gift them a hard copy, books are one of the best sports presents you can give someone. Inexpensive (unless you plump for an original copy of a classic), thoughtful and will give hours of enjoyment. Plus it’s these top sports books are a great way to spread your passion around a little bit too.

Representing the Emerald Isle, we have…

The first book we’re going to tackle is an excellent read for lots of different people. It’s great if you’re into politics, history, Ireland or, of course, the GAA. This mix makes it rise above as one of our top sports books. The Bloodied Field by Michael Foley is an excellent read. It tackles one of the most well-known events in Irish history and Irish sports.

On 21 November, 1920, the British forces opened fire during a GAA match in Dublin’s famed stadium Croke Park. There were spectators, players and children among the dead and injured. Not only does this give context to the event, it gives you an idea of the place of the sport in Ireland at the time. And it’s a great book to give someone to spark an interest in how the game is played today.

And for Texas, it’s…

Friday Night Lights by H G Bissinger. Making pretty much everyone’s top sports books lists, this is one of those iconic books that everyone has heard of and it’s an icon for a reason. Bissinger takes one Texan town and looks at one season of high school football in the 1980s. You might think that this is no big deal. But this snapshot gives you a wider view of both the culture of American football and high school football, as well as the way small town American culture works. There are few books that give you a more perfect view of the USA.

One of our top sports books from the UK…

You might not think a book about pigeons would appear on a list of top sports books. However, that’s before you cracked the spine on Homing by Jon Day. Set in London, this memoir takes you through one man’s lifelong passion for the birds. With a look at early human history, as well as his experiences with fatherhood, this book about pigeon fancying takes us off in so many different directions and tangents. Anyone would love this book.

Hailing from Massachusetts…

Massachusetts isn’t exactly known as a sports mecca. But interestingly, one of the most famous sports books of all time came from the state. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is widely hailed and even features on some reading lists for schools and colleges. As well as that, it’s been turned into a film and even a theatre production. No wonder it’s one of our top sports books… This is a collection of stories in which Albom, then a sports writer, visits his former professor in his final weeks and months. The professor shares what he’s learnt over his years with Albom. Although the book is interspersed with sports, it’s really about life itself. A moving and thoughtful read.

Looking for more books?

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