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Try These Multiple Selection Bets To Kick Off The Soccer Season With Bet365

August 2, 2017

This weekend sees the start of the Football League season and what better way to get the season off with a bang than by enjoying a few bets with Bet365 Sport? While the lack of Premier League action (that gets under way next weekend) means that we can’t yet take advantage of Bet365’s massively popular Euro Soccer Bonus promotion,  you can still enjoy accumulators as well as other types of multiple selection bets with Bet365.

In this article, we are going to get you up and ready for the start of what promises to be an exciting season of football with Bet365 by taking a look at some of the multiple selection bets you can place with them. We will be starting with the humble accumulator, before looking at some of the more complex types of multi-selection bets you can place, including a look at some of the rarer bets you may not yet be aware of that are available at Bet365 Sport.

So let’s begin by taking a look at how the simplest of all multiple selection bets on soccer works with the football accumulator.

The Accumulator

Accumulator betting is massively popular for football fans as it is a low risk/high reward form of betting. It can be very difficult to hit on a regular basis, but the appeal for the fan is that they may only need to hit an accumulator once to be assured of a massive profit.

Although two selection and three selection accumulators are often known as Doubles and Trebles, with the remaining bets named after the number of selections with the word ‘fold’ after them (thus fivefold, would be a five selection accumulator), all these bets operate in the same way. Regardless of how many selections are on your bet slip, with an accumulator bet all your selections must be a winner in order for your bet to win.

So, if you place a fivefold bet on five selections this weekend, all five of your selections must be correct in order for your bet to win.

What is great with Bet365 Sport is that you can place your accumulator on a range of different markets. The Match Result market is the most popular form of bet, but you can also place accumulators on the Both Teams to Score market, Match Result/Both Teams to Score market and the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market to name three of the most popular markets for this bet.

It is worth pointing out again that accumulator bets on teams from the Football League are not covered by Bet365’s Euro Soccer Bonus offer as it is only Premier League games (plus others from selected elite leagues and competitions across Europe) that are part of that offer. However, that does not stop you from enjoying accumulator betting with Bet365 on other leagues and getting a great deal if you win.

Our Football League Accumulator for this weekend:

  • Sunderland v Derby County – Home Win
  • Fulham v Norwich City – Home Win
  • Southend Utd v Blackburn Rovers – Away Win
  • Chesterfield v Grimsby Town – Home Win
  • Exeter City v Cambridge Utd – Home Win

Backing this accumulator with Bet365 Sport at those odds would offer odds of 43.95/1 which means a £10 bet would return £439.50, plus your £10 stake back.

Full Cover Without Singles Bets

Accumulator betting is good fun, but it does rely on every single one of your selections winning and that is not very flexible. However, if you want a more flexible form of multiple bet then there are other options. The first of these are a group of bets known as Full Cover without Singles bets.

These are bets that will cover all the combinations of your selections, apart from backing each of your selections as a single bet. They are markedly more expensive to place than accumulator bets as you have to cover many more lines with your unit stake.

These types of bets have their own name based on the number of selections you make for each bet. These are outlined below, together with the number of lines in each bet, and how much that bet would cost to place for a £1 unit stake.

  • Trixie – 3 Selections – Four Separate Lines – £1 stake would cost £4
  • Yankee – 4 Selections – 11 Separate Lines – £1 stake would cost £11
  • Canadian or Super Yankee – 5 Selections – 26 Separate Lines – £1 stake would cost £26
  • Heinz – 6 Selections – 57 Separate Lines – £1 stake would cost £57
  • Super Heinz – 7 Selections – 120 Separate Lines – £1 stake would cost £120
  • Goliath – 8 Selections – 247 Separate Lines – £1 stake would cost £247

The big advantage with these bets is that if one or more of your selections lets you down, then other parts of your bet may still win and thus you can still earn a return even if all your selections don’t win. You need at least two of your selections to win to guarantee a return on this bet.

Full Cover With Singles Bets

There are four Full Cover Bets which also cover all the single betting options. These are essentially an extension of the Full Cover bets above, with each of your selections also backed as a single bet in addition to all the other line bets.

  • Patent – 3 Selections – 7 Separate Bets – £1 stake would cost £7
  • Lucky 15 – 4 selections – 15 Separate Bets – £1 stake would cost £15
  • Lucky 31 – 5 Selections – 31 Separate Bets – £1 stake would cost £31
  • Lucky 63 – 6 Selections – 63 Separate Bets – £1 stake would cost £63

As with the other Full Cover bets listed above, you don’t need all your selections to win to guarantee a return with this bet and indeed, if just one wins then you are least guaranteed a return, however it is not likely to lead to a profit on the bet.

Banker Bets

Another option you have for betting when making multiple selections with Bet365 are Banker Bets. To access these bets, you need to click on the drop down menu button in the Bet Slip section and change your bet slip from Standard to Banker.

When you do this, you will see the slip changes format slightly listing your selections and the letter “B” after them.

In a banker bet, what you do is make your selections for your bet slip as you would any of the bets outlined above. But with this bet, you select one (or more) of your selections as the Banker Bet. This is the bet that must win in order for your bet to succeed.

Once you have selected your Banker bets, you will then see displayed underneath all the possible betting options you have with that bet. In this example, I have used four selections, with one Banker bet for a total of five selections on the slip and I have picked one banker bet. They are described in a form of shorthand similar to 1B + 1/4 or 1B + 2/4 or 1B + 3/4 or 1B + 4/4.

Using the first of these bets as an example, 1B + 1/4 means you are backing your banker bet, plus one of your four other selections to win. For each one of these bets that wins, you will win the bet. There are four lines to cover with this bet so a £1 stake here would cost you £4.

You can then use logic to work out that 1B + 2/4 means you are backing your banker bet plus two selections to win, 1B + 3/4 means you are backing your Banker Bet plus three of the four other selections to win and so on. Each option has a stated number of lines to cover which is displayed in front of the stake box.

Banker betting is a good way to bet if you prefer flexible ways to bet as you do not have to cover every possible option as in the full cover bets, so you can bring down the cost of your bet by using this rather than placing a Full Cover Bet.

So now you know some of the top bets available at Bet365 for the season ahead, do have a wager or two on the new football season and see if your bets could help you land a nice windfall.

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