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Twister poker in seven facts

7 Things You Should Know About Twisters

Usually when you sit down to play poker online, you know exactly what you want. A lot of the time, it’s more of the same. It’s easy to go with what you usually play. But from time to time, it’s really nice to shake things up. There are lots of different ways to do that, but one of our favorites is to try different poker formats. And a really good one is Twister poker. If you’re familiar with the format already, we bet you know just why it’s so good. But if you’re new to it, or you’d like a refresher, we’re here to tell you seven essential things about the game.

1. The prize pool is a surprise

The key draw of Twister sit & gos is that the prize pool is randomly determined. So unlike other tournaments where you know roughly what you’re playing for, Twisters can go any way at all. Just before your game starts, the multiplier is revealed and then the game is on.

The prize pool is always a multiple of your buy-in. Depending on your buy-in level, you could hit…

  • 2x your buy-in
  • 3x your buy-in
  • 5x your buy-in
  • 8x your buy-in
  • 10x your buy-in
  • 50x your buy-in
  • 100x your buy-in
  • 1,000x your buy-in

The multipliers available depend on your buy-in level, which brings us to our next point…

2. Twister poker has a great range of buy-ins

The buy-in levels at Twister poker range from as little as €1 right up to €100, with lots of options in between. That means that if you’re on a budget or if you’re just starting out with the format, it’s very accessible to just play a couple games and dip your toe in. Then as you gain in confidence, or if you’re just feeling a little flush, you can try your luck at the big buy-ins.

3. Three is the magic number at these tables

All Twister poker tables are three-max. That means you’re only ever pitting yourself against two other players for your shot at the prize pool. And speaking of the prize pool…

4. Winner takes all (except when the don’t)

For the vast majority of the time, the player who comes out on top at Twister poker gets the whole prize pool. So, depending on your multiplier, you could turn that buy-in into quite a pretty penny. And because you’re only up against two other players, the chances of that are relatively high compared to other types of poker games.

However, if the prize pool reaches €1,000 or above, things change a little. In those instances, the top player gets 80% of the prize pool, while the other two players get 10% each. We really like that feature because it takes the sting out of missing out on a big, juicy multiplier.

5. Heavenly options

Twister poker is so popular that there are a couple of spin off games available too. So you can expand your horizons beyond the original. First up is Age of the Gods Twister, which is very similar to the regular game with one crucial difference. When you play this, you’re also in with a chance of triggering a progressive jackpot. If you do trigger the bonus jackpot game, you play that before sitting down for your game of Twister. So you effectively have two ways to win!

6. Twister poker can get wild

On the other hand, Wild Twisters are truly something well, WILD. That’s because all players automatically go all-in on every hand. That leaves it truly up to Lady Luck to see who’ll take home the prizes. Yes, it takes the skill element away from the game, but it makes it quite exciting too. Good for when you want to play a casino-style game with a (wild) poker twist.

7. It’s widely available

Twister poker is available on the iPoker Network, which is comfortably in the top 10 biggest poker networks in the world. That means you access Twister poker in lots of different sites. If you’d like our two cents, in our opinion the best place to play Twister poker in the UK and beyond has got to be bet365. Plus, if you’re new to the site, you can avail of this wicked bet365 bonus code.


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