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Use Your Sky Poker Account To Give Yourself A Free Chance To Win Cash Every Week

January 26, 2017

One of the most exciting things about signing up to play at Sky Poker, apart from the fantastic new player bonus offer, including a £10 free no deposit required bonus, is the fact that by Sky Poker Newssigning up, you also gain access to the full range of Sky sites.

That includes the two outstanding Casino sites, Sky Casino, Sky Vegas, the hugely popular Sky Bingo and of course, one of the foremost betting sites available in the UK Sky Bet.

However, in addition to being able to access all the attractions on each of these sites, your log in that you use to access Sky Poker and all the other Sky sites can also offer you a chance to win cash every week of the year in at least four different ways.

That is because Sky and its affiliated sites (also owned by the owners of the SkyBet portion of the company) offer registered SkyBet account holders the chance to play four different free-to-play games each week, all of which offer a range of prizes to be won, at no risk to you.

Let’s now take a look at each of the four games you can play and what you could win as a result.

Soccer Saturday Super 6

Super 6 is the flagship football score prediction game that is played every Saturday of the Football season in conjunction with the popular Soccer Saturday TV show. Each week on the show SkyBet Super 6panellists predict the scores of each Premier League match taking place that afternoon and from this simple idea, the seeds for Super 6 were sown.

Each week, Sky picks six games (mostly from the Premier League, but on some weeks other matches from other leagues may be used) and players simply log in and predict the score of each of the games shown.

You score 5 points if you correctly predict the exact score of the match and 2 points if you get the score wrong, but the right result (so you predict a 1-1 draw, but the match finishes in a 2-2 or 0-0 draw).

In addition to your predictions for each of the six games, you also predict the minute the first goal in any of the six games listed will be scored. This is used as a tie-breaker in the event of more than one player correctly predicting the results of all six games.

Each week there is a jackpot of £250,000 to be won for any player who can predict all six match results correctly and occasionally, Sky will even increase this to a magical £1,000,000 prize (as they did on Boxing Day in 2016). If no player wins the jackpot then a consolation prize of around £5,000 is awarded to the highest scoring player (the tie breaker may be used here to decide which player wins the consolation prize).

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has been hugely popular in the UK for many years, since the 1990s in fact and Sky Sports offer their own version of the game, as well as an accompanying TV show presented by Max Rushden and Paul Merson.

The game is played each week but also over the course of a season and it is best if you join for the first week to play. However, you can sign up now and play for the remainder of the season and give yourself a chance at winning some of the weekly and monthly prizes that are available in some of the free to enter league tournaments available on the site.

When you enter, you pick a team of 11 players using any of a number of formations. You need to select one goalkeeper and then a number of defenders, midfielders and attackers to complete your team. You have a budget of £100m to spend on your team with the highest scoring fantasy players costing more to buy in.

Once you have picked your initial team, you can then enter it into any number of prize leagues and it is through these individual competitions you can win weekly, monthly or even seasonal prizes.

To help your team, you have a total of 50 transfers which you can make over the course of the season which allows you to swap players in and out of the team when players don’t perform, get injured or suspender or are otherwise unavailable. You can make a maximum of 5 transfers in any single game week.

Fantasy Football is hugely popular and with Sky Sports, you can set up your own league to play against friends if you so wish.

Sky Sports Fantasy Six-A-Side

Whenever there is a big match live on Sky Sports from the Premier League then Sky may well offer another chance to win a top prize of £5,000 with their Fantasy Six-A-Side game.

This game is based on the live match alone and those that participate need to select a team of six players (positions do not matter) from players that are going to feature in the game.

Each match sees managers select one “Elite” player from a group of four. These tend to be the highest scoring players from each team. The remaining five players of a managers team are then selected from the remaining players.

Players score points for performing various tasks during the game, such as making a pass, a successful tackle or scoring a goal. They also lose points for conceding goals or receiving a yellow card for example.

In addition to this, a player has the chance to score double points with all their players by selecting a Power Play period. This is a 15 minute spell in the game where your players will score double points.

To help you pick the right players, players that are injured or suspended or otherwise doubtful to play have this indicated, so you can always pick players that are likely to start.

With £5,000 to be won on every game, Fantasy Six-A-Side is a great way to spice up watching any of the top Premier League games shown live on Sky Sports.

Sporting Life Pick 7

With £1,000 to be won during the week and a £25,000 jackpot available each Saturday, Sporting Life’s Pick 7 game is an absolute must play option for all SkyBet account holders, but especially those that love horse racing.

The promotion is very simple, each day the offer is run there are a selection of seven races part of the coupon. All you need to do, is go through the list of seven races, look through the runners and then select which horse will win each race. You then need to pick the distance that the winner of the first race will win by as a tiebreaker and then you can submit your entry.

If you correctly predict all seven winners (and are the only winner), you win £1,000 during a weekday and a massive £25,000 of a Saturday. If there is more than one winner for the competition, then the winner is decided by the tiebreaker question.

On a Saturday, if you are unfortunate enough to pick all seven winners, but lose out on the tie-breaker then you will receive a £1,000 consolation prize. During the week, the consolation prize is £100 worth of bets. If nobody wins the jackpot prize on any day, then the consolation prize will be awarded to the highest scoring player.

This competition is completely free to enter for all SkyBet account holders and you can access it directly from any of the Sky websites.

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