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Can You Turn Virtual Sports Success Into A Real Bankable Profit With Bet365 Sport?

Virtual Sports are the next big thing on Bet365 Sport. Take a look at the options available and whether you could win big playing them.

One of the best things about having a Bet365 account is the ability to claim a Bet365 Welcome bonus . One of the most popular bonuses to claim as a new customer is the Bet365 Sport bonus and that is because Bet365 Sports offers customers a superb sportsbook service with the same parent company.

In amongst the myriad of different sports bets available each day, including In Play betting as well as standard pre-event bets, there is also a fantastic new world of sports betting available for those customers who want more action than is possible in the real world.

This is where Bet365 Virtual Sports comes into play and in this article, we’ll explore more about the games available in this part of the site as well as whether it is possible for you to turn your bets into bankable profit betting on these innovative forms of betting entertainment.

What are Virtual Sports and what ones are available on Bet365?

Virtual Horseracing Bet365

Virtual Sports are computer-generated representations of sports events that operate within certain parameters and in which the ‘contestants’ are weighted to allow for the differentiation in odds between the selections.

Essentially, they are computer simulations of sporting events using computer-generated participants in order to generate an outcome. Punters can bet on each participant in the event and then watch the outcome of the event via a virtual simulation of the event (or highlights from it).

There are limitless potential Virtual Sports that companies could develop if there was sufficient demand and in recent years, there has been a huge increase in interest on these events. So much so that Bet365 has rapidly expanded its Virtual Sports offering from an initial seven to now offering 12 different Virtual Sports, many of which have different competitions available to bet on in each.

Virtual Sports available at bet365 now include:

  • Horse Racing (Over five tracks, Trentham Park, Britannia Way, Festival Downs, Victoria Park and Aintree Downs) and including both flat and national hunt versions. The Aintree Downs simulation is a Grand National simulation while Trentham Park is 1 minute Bullet Racing, for a faster Virtual Horse Racing experience).
  • Greyhounds (Over two tracks, Bennett Park, Goldenhill Park and Hillside Park and again this includes races over the flat and over jumps and Bennett Park is 1 minute Bullet Racing)
  • Motor Racing (This features Motor Car racing at the Mitchell Circuit)
  • Speedway (from Sterling Stadium)
  • Soccer (There are a choice of four competitions you can bet on, the Premiership, Superleague, Euro Cup and World Cup)
  • Cycling (from the Franklin Velodrome)
  • Tennis (Grass Court)
  • Trotting (from Etruria Gardens)
  • Cricket (There are two options for Cricket Fans, Premier League cricket from Greenway Field and International cricket from Clayton Oval)
  • American Football (You can pick from three options for American Football, NFL Alumni at Bradwell Field, Head to Head games at Fenton Field and First Down from Queensway Park)
  • Darts (A series of Darts matches with real life graphics is shown from The Gatehouse)
  • Basketball (You can pick from Baker Gardens games featuring US teams, or Waterport Arena games featuring European Teams)
Bet365 Virtual Greyhounds

The start time of events is staggered so that there are a number of events all available to bet on across a wide range of sports (and even within the same branch of sport) at all times.

As such, this means that every day there are hundreds and hundreds of virtual sports betting markets available to bet on.

What betting markets are available with each Bet365 Virtual Sport?

As you can see from the list above, there are essentially two different types of Virtual Sports on offer at Bet365 Sport. There are those that are based on racing of some form (which make up the majority), while Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Darts, American Football and Football involve a contest between two different individuals or teams (depending on the sport).

Bet365 Virtual Cycling

For all the race-based games, you will see a virtual representation of the race shown on screen from start to finish. A race usually lasts around 30 to 60 seconds.

In Football, Basketball or American Football you are shown the highlights of a full game which includes all the goals, touchdowns, key baskets made and major incidents from the game before the result is decided. 

The Tennis option lets you see how one game between the two contestants in the match plays out. You get to see all the points from this single game of tennis. Similarly in Darts, you get to see one full game of 501 between two former professional darting legends from start to finish. 

  • Betting Markets Available

The betting markets available for each Virtual Sport do depend on the sport in question and also the number of competitors in that sport. 

In the Horse Racing Virtual for example, you can back horses to win or as an each way bet, or as a Forecast or Tricast bet. This is also available for Greyhound Racing too.

However, if you bet on the Aintree Park Grand National race, there are different betting options available based on cards of four horses out of the 40 riders. 

Betting for other events is specific to that event. So for Soccer Virtuals you will be able to bet on which team wins the game, the correct score, and now on some Soccer Virtuals you can even bet on the First Goalscorer in the game. 

The same is true for other new virtuals such as Basketball, Darts, American Football and the like, with a host of new markets available on these games that have expanded on the types of bets that were available in the original games.

As such, betting on any Virtual Sport at bet365 is now as lifelike as betting on a real sport!

  • Placing A Virtual Sport Bet

Placing a bet on Virtual Sports is also a very simple process and is undertaken in the exact same way as you would place any other bet on Bet365 Sport. Simply click on the odds of the selection you wish to bet on from your Virtual Sport of choice to add it to your bet slip, and then simply enter your stake and click the Place Bet button.

All you need to remember is that you only tend to have around a maximum of 90 seconds within which to place your bet before your chosen event starts. Therefore, when you add a bet to your slip, it is advisable to ensure you place the bet quickly to avoid missing out.

This is especially important on the Bullet Racing virtuals in Greyhounds and Horse Racing which have much less time to place your bets as each race takes just one minute to run to completion.

Are Virtual Sports fair?

Bet365 Virtual Tennis

Of course, the first question any prospective player of Virtual Sports will want to know is whether the games are actually fair. It would seem it is all too easy for a programmer to ensure that a sports betting site always wins on these games, simply by ensuring the option with the fewest number of backers wins.

It is a fair question and one that has a simple answer. All Virtual Sports games are subjected to rigorous testing before they are allowed to go live on a site like Bet365 Sports to ensure that they offer a fair and generally realistic game for punters. As such, you can be sure that when a Virtual Sport game is released on Bet365, it is as fair as any other type of gambling game you can play online.

Is it possible to be profitable from playing
Virtual Sports?

Of course, it is possible to make a profit from betting on virtual sports, but unfortunately for those seeking a ‘system’ that will guarantee them a win, there is no such thing available.

The games are designed so that each of the competitors in a Virtual Sport are weighted so that there are favourites, outsiders and options in between. However, each event is also subject to a large element of random chance which means that any of the options could win. Yes it is more likely the favourite will win than an outsider, but on every race on every sport, any option could be a winner.

Of course, in real world sports, you have form and other real life data to help you with your pick. In Virtual Sports this is not available (or is computer generated) thus it may actually be harder to pick a winner in a virtual representation of a sport, than it is a real life counterpart.

Virtual Sports are therefore not the best option for you to adopt a scientific approach to but should instead be viewed more like playing a slot machine or similar type of game where random chance plays the key role in deciding the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports are computer-generated sporting events based on real life sports, which allow competitors to bet on them across a range of markets. All aspects of the virtual sport contest are generated using a special programme including the betting markets and odds.

What Virtual Sports Are Available At Bet365?

You can play a selection of 12 different Virtual Sports at bet365, some of which have multiple events/matches/competitions you can bet on. Sports available on the site are – Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Speedway, Motor Racing, Tennis, Soccer, American Football, Darts, Basketball, Cricket, Trotting and Cycling.

Are Virtual Sports Legit?

Absolutely, all Virtual Sports games are rigorously tested to ensure that they offer fair gaming to customers. The market for Virtual Sports betting has grown markedly in recent years and Virtuals now generate a significant proportion of betting sites income.

Are Virtual Sports More Like Sports Betting Or Casino Gaming?

It may seem an unusual question but actually given the random nature of Virtual Sports, betting on them is more like playing a slot game at a casino, than it is Sports Betting as you can’t use your knowledge about the competitors or the event to assist you when deciding which market to place your bet. The actual mechanism that Virtual Sports uses to decide results is much more in line with a slot game, than a real world sporting contest.

Can You Make A Profit On Virtual Sports Betting?

Just like any form of gambling, you could make a profit on Virtual Sports, but it is by no means guaranteed and remember, in any form of gambling, the odds are always in favour of the bookmaker.

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