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Win Yourself A Seat At The £40,000 Sky Poker Tour Main Event

May 31, 2017

Four years ago, Sky Poker ran what appeared to be the last of its Sky Poker Tour events, but after four years of ‘hibernation’ as Sky Poker have put it, the tour is back, starting with a fantastic three day event at the Manchester 235 Casino from Friday 4th August through until Sunday 6th August.

Although they may have taken place several years ago now, the Sky Poker Tour events were hugely popular with past meetings seeing Sky Poker customers of all abilities, ages and experience gathering together at a number of venues across the UK to enjoy participating in several real-world tournaments, as opposed to playing each other online.

So will the new Sky Poker Tour returning after such a long absence offer anything different, or will Sky Poker keep to the tried and tested formula that made the original events such a success? Let’s take a closer look and find out a little more about the tour and what it has to offer Sky Poker customers.

What is the Sky Poker Tour?

The Sky Poker Tour was a series of events that were held across the UK at a variety of real world casinos, where Sky Poker would sponsor a series of tournaments, including one big money Main Event, and where players who were Sky Poker customers could turn up to participate, or qualify online for some of the bigger value events.

With a limited number of places available in some casinos for these big events, Sky Poker customers had the option to buy in to some of the bigger events direct, or play their way into the Main Event by playing through a series of satellites to earn themselves a ticket.

In addition to players competing, other Sky Poker customers were encouraged to come along to the events as spectators and to encourage a ‘community’ feel to the events, which was one of the main differences between the Sky Poker Tour events, compared to a standard tournament.

As part of these events Sky Poker would often host welcome parties or similar for its customers at the casino, as well as sponsoring the tournaments that took place over the weekend. Some of which could be bought into on the day, others of which had to be entered beforehand.

When one event finished in one city, then Sky Poker would then locate another venue in another part of the country and find a casino willing to host the next event and then qualifying for that event, plus all the advertising for it, would take place on the Sky Poker site.

The last event was held back in 2013 and the next event will take place from Friday 4th August until Sunday 6th August at the Manchester 235 Casino, although Sky Poker has confirmed that this will be just the first of several similar Sky Poker Tour events planned for the near future.

What are the details about the Sky Poker Tour event from the 4th to 6th August 2017?

So far, details about this first Sky Poker Tour event in many years are a little sketchy, however Sky Poker have announced that there will be a Main Event taking place, with a £40,000 prize pool guaranteed by Sky Poker.

Furthermore, Sky Poker have announced that there will be a direct buy in available to this Main Event for £220, however players will be able to satellite into the event through a number of different methods from as little as £1.30 and that these satellites will start in earnest on the Sky Poker site on Saturday 24th June.

Sky have also confirmed that there will be a number of Sky Poker Tour freerolls scheduled later on in the summer, where players will have the chance to earn a Main Event ticket completely free, although full details of these freerolls are not yet available.

In addition to the Main Event, it is likely that there will be a significant number of other tournaments available for players to play in across the weekend, with many different buy in levels and while some may offer qualification via online tournaments on Sky Poker, it may also be possible to buy into events on the day to compete. Certainly that has been the case in past Sky Poker Tour events and that seems unlikely to change.

Who can play in the Sky Poker Tour event?

Sky Poker Tour events are in the main for Sky Poker customers only, although in some casinos, a small percentage of entries into an event may be open for patrons and members of the casino to purchase alongside those who are there from Sky Poker.  If this is the case, then it is down to Sky Poker and the Casino itself to sort out these arrangements.

What is definitely the case however is that the vast majority of players and spectators at the Sky Poker Tour events will all be Sky Poker customers, allowing you to meet up with players you may have played against many times in the past and even play against people in the real world, as opposed to online.

How can I earn a seat at the Main Event?

As we’ve outlined above, you can buy into the Main Event for £220, or you can play your way to a seat by entering the satellite competitions when they start on the 24th June, or you can enter the Sky Poker Tour Freerolls when they become available.

How do I join Sky Poker to participate in the Sky Poker Tour event?

If you would like to join Sky Poker to enjoy the atmosphere and occasion at the Manchester 235 Casino in early August then Sky Poker offers a fantastic deal to new customers.  Sign up today and when you do before you have even made a deposit, Sky Poker will give you £10 worth of Tournament Tokens which will allow you to trial the site completely for free.

Once you have played through your no deposit offer, simply make a deposit of up to £250 and Sky Poker will reward you with a great value new player bonus of 200% (maximum bonus of £500) which you can then earn to play with over your first 30 days of play on the site.

Furthermore, when you sign up, you automatically become a member of the Sky Poker Rewards scheme, allowing you to earn Sky Poker Points and pick up some top value rewards and bonuses every week. And of course, as a Sky Customer, you’ll be able to take part in all the fun that will take place in Manchester this August.

There’s never been a better time to sign up to Sky Poker, so why not sign up today?

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