Thursday , 5 March 2015.

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Great Moments in Poker History: The Poker Player of the Year

Poker Player of the Year

In 2015 poker has enough Player of the Year awards that deciding who is the Player of the Year can be as complicated and convoluted as determining who is the Heavyweight Boxing Champion. For example, you have the major ranking systems: Card Player Magazine, Bluff Magazine (which features six separate categories), the Global Poker Index, and now Poker News Daily ... Read More »

Poker Legends: Titanic Thompson the World’s Greatest Gambler


Calling Titanic Thompson a poker player is a bit like calling Jim Thorpe a runner. Titanic certainly played enough poker and won enough money (mostly by nefarious means) to qualify as a professional poker player, but he was first and foremost a gambler. However, it was a poker game that thrust him into the national spotlight and led to the ... Read More »