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Bet365 Sport’s Horse Racing Archive – The Hidden Gem for Racing Punters

learn more about the exciting Bet365 Horse Racing Archive available on site to all customers!

Want to know more about any racehorse in the UK? Then check out bet365 Sport’s Horse Racing Archive!

In the UK, we take horse racing very seriously. Alongside football, it is the most popular sport on which people bet every year, generating billions of pounds for the UK economy.

The whole horse racing industry has a close and symbiotic connection with the betting industry. The betting industry pays a betting levy that is fundamental to keeping the British Racing industry sustainable and profitable.

In turn, that means there can be more race meetings, horses in training and people employed within the horse racing industry to allow betting companies to offer betting on these races.

Sites such as bet365 Sport will often sponsor key racing festivals, meetings and races. This is in addition to the extensive horse racing betting they offer. Not to mention a wealth of promotional offers, features and guarantees that the site has available on its horse racing betting service.

And it is one of those features that we are going to look at in more detail in this post. Bet365 Sport’s Horse Racing Archive.

What is the Bet365 Sport Horse Racing Archive?

As the name suggests, the bet365 Horse Racing Archive is a database that compiles all the results (and much more) from horse races contested in the United Kingdom and Ireland going back ten years.

Where can I Find the Bet365 Sport Horse Racing Archive?

To locate the Horse Racing Archive, you need to scroll down the home page at bet365 Sport until you get to the foot of the page.

Located here you will see a section called Form & Stats and in the list below this, is listed the UK & Irish Racing Archive.

Click on this and the Archive will open up in a new screen. The default setting is the Sports Results page, so you will then need to click on the  Horse Racing Archive link highlighted in green in the top right corner of the page.

Once you have clicked on this, the Horse Racing Archive page will load up and will display the default setting of searching the archive through the dates of a meeting. You can also search the database by the name of a horse (more on both these options is available below).

How is it Best to Search the Horse Racing Archive?

You have a choice of how to search the database for the data you want.

  • Meeting – This uses a calendar from which you can select a past date. When selected this date will show you the meetings that took place on this day in the UK and Ireland. You can then click on the meeting and then the race time you require to get at the main part of the database.
  • Horse – The horse option allows you to search the database by a horses name. You don’t even need to know the full name of the horse, you can search using just the first three letters, although the more you know of the name, the fewer options you’ll have to scroll through to find your chosen horse.

When most punters make a bet on a horse race, it is the horse that they are interested in. As such, most customers at bet365 Sport will find using the Horse Search facility more convenient. That is because they are far more likely to know a horse’s name, than details of when and where it last ran in a race.

What Data Can I Research in the Bet365 Horse Racing Archive?

Once you have selected the race that you want to research for your next bet, then the amount of data you get is incredibly useful.

When the race data loads up you will see the following:-

  • A console in which you can view either the Full Race (with commentary), or the Final Furlong of the race (again with commentary).
  • The race card for the race which includes the horses name, number, its draw in the stalls (where applicable), the colours of the jockey’s silks, the jockey’s name and whether the horse was carrying a weight handicap (indicated by the number in brackets after the jockey’s name, indicating how many pounds extra the jockey carried).

This data is interesting, but it isn’t perhaps as detailed as the data you get from clicking on the Results tab, which is located next to the Card tab.

  • Race Results Data

In addition to being able to watch the race (which all serious researchers will do to see how a horse runs and how they prefer to be ridden in a race), there is a wealth of information in the Race Results section.

The data you can see here includes:

  • The time of the race and the racetrack.
  • The number of runners in the race.
  • The race distance.
  • The finishing order of all horses in the race together with their jockey, the jockey’s silks, their starting price, whether the horse was favourite or 2nd favourite, plus the amount won on the Tote for both a win and a place.
  • How much winning Forecast, Tricast, Trifecta and Exacta bets paid out per dividend.
  • The exact time that the race started
  • How many places were paid out for each way bets and at what fraction of the winning odds place bets were paid out.
  • The distances between all the horses that finished the race as they crossed the line.

The fact you can see this data and the race itself allows you to contextualise the data you see, giving you a far greater appreciation of how your chosen horse ran, as well as the quality of opposition that the horse was up against.

However, the beauty of this service is that you can do this for every race that is within an archive for that horse. The last ten runs of any horse (if they have had that many races) are displayed when you search for a horses name, so you can see how they performed across up to ten of its most recent races.

Why is the Data in the Bet365 Racing Archive Useful to me as a Punter?

This is a good question and the simple answer is that the more knowledge you have about your selection, then the more evidence you will have available to you to decide whether to back the horse, or not.

For example, you can look through the recent runs of a horse and discover that it has only lost two of its last six races. However, dig a little deeper, and you may discover that both those losses came at the same track, or when it had a high, low or middle draw in the stalls, or if the horse was ridden by a different jockey in the races it did not win.

Similarly, you may watch a horse racing archive race and notice that while the horse finished near the back of the pack in a 1 mile race, it had been prominent throughout and actually led until the final furlong or so. This could be hugely beneficial if that horse is now running a shorter distance in the next race.

There is so much information you can gleam from the data and by watching the races. I would suggest therefore that any serious horse racing enthusiast, who doesn’t go to the track that often, can enhance their chances of landing more winners by using this feature wisely.

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