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3 Free Chances To Win Bet365 Fantasy Sports Tickets Every Week? – Yes Please!

Take three free shots at winning Fantasy Game tickets worth £10 and £2 every week with bet365 Fantasy Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll fantasy football game!

How To Play The Big Pick 6 Freeroll bet365 Fantasy Game!

Did you know that every week of the football season you can try and win fantasy game tickets playing the bet365 Fantasy game the Big Pick 6 Freeroll?

The game sits nicely alongside the other free-to-play titles you can find at bet365 Sport, such as the 6 Scores Challenge, Free 4 All and the Goals Giveaway. The only difference being football fans must visit the bet365 Fantasy site in order to play.

Bet365 Fantasy Big Pick 6 Freeroll

Here, we are going to take a closer look at the Big Pick 6 Freeroll fantasy game. We’ll look at how you play, the main rules of the game and the prizes on offer every week for players that finish high enough up the leaderboard.

And we’ll then finish with a look at some strategies you can employ to try and give yourself a better chance of landing in the prize places each time you play the free-to-play bet365 Fantasy football game.

So let us start the ball rolling with a look at the bet365 Fantasy Big Pick 6 Freeroll game in more detail.

Where Will I Find the bet365 Fantasy Big Pick 6 Freeroll Game?

Log in to your bet365 account and then head to the Fantasy section of the site. Scroll down the list of fantasy games available to play and you will see the Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll option available.

There is a yellow button that denotes it is Free to enter for all new and eligible bet365 customers. Any free to enter fantasy games will also have a similar yellow button available. This is useful to know for future reference.

Just click on the button and the main game screen will load up.

You can play the Big Pick 6 Freeroll game at bet365 Fantasy every week of the football season. The game is available to play usually from the Monday following the weekend’s football action.

What Are the Main Rules I Need to Follow for the Bet365 Fantasy Big Pick 6 Freeroll?

If you have ever played fantasy football games, then the process and rules employed in the Big Pick 6 Freeroll will be familiar to you.

Although, as this is a game specific to bet365, the company does have its own rules that apply to the game that you should review before you start playing.

  • The aim of the game

The aim of the game for players is for their 6-player fantasy football team selected for that gameweek to earn enough points for them to finish as high up the leaderboard for that game as possible.

To win a prize, one of your teams must finish in the top 6000 players in any game week.

  • What are the prizes on offer?

If you can finish in the top 1000 players, you will win a prize of a £10 entry ticket into the following weekend’s £10 Weekly Big Pick 6 game.

If you finish between 1001st and 6000th on the leaderboard, you win a prize of a £2 entry ticket into the following weekend’s £2 Weekly Big Pick 6 game.

Both these games are played for cash prizes and operate on a very similar basis to the freeroll.

Any cash prizes you win playing these games using your tickets won in the Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll game are paid to you in cash without any wagering requirements attached.

What are the main rules when picking my Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll bet365 fantasy team?

Unlike some fantasy games which can have a lengthy list of rules and regulations you need to follow, the bet365 Fantasy Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll only has a relatively small number of rules to follow.

The main ones are summarised below: –

  • There are no restrictions on the positions of players you can select for your team.  Your team can comprise of as many players from any of the four positions (Goalkeeper, Defenders, Midfielders, Forward) as you see fit.
  • Each Game Week, bet365 selects which of the fixtures in the Premier League are the ones that this week’s Big Pick 6 Freeroll will be based on. They are usually the fixtures that take place at 3pm on Saturday.
  • Only the players from the teams involved in the selected fixtures are available for selection for your team.
  • Each game also sees a stated Cap limit for every entry into the competition. The value of your team cannot be higher than the cap limit.
  • Bet365 will give each of the players you can select in a game a monetary value, with higher scoring fantasy players valued more highly and lower scoring players valued more cheaply.
  • Pick your 6 players and keep under the salary cap. You can only pick up to three players from any one team.
  • Once you have your team, select your captain and vice-captain. Your captain will score double points for your team in that game week (your vice-captain will only score double points in place of your captain, if your captain does not start the Premier League game for their team that weekend).
  • Then when finished, enter the team into the tournament.

For every game week you can enter up to three teams into the Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll at bet365 Fantasy. It makes sense therefore, as this is a free-to-play game, that you should enter all three teams to give you as much chance as possible to win a prize.

Furthermore, you should also mix up your team selections for the three entries to give you a better chance of winning a prize with one of them.

How do Players Score or Lose Points for my team?

Points are the lifeblood of the bet365 Fantasy Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll and also of any fantasy game. Players can score points for your team in a number of ways. We have outlined these, and the points scored by players for achieving them in the game, below:

  • Playing up to 60 minutes in a game – 1 point.
  • Playing 60+ minutes in a game – 1 point.
  • Midfielder or Forward plays the full game – 1 point.
  • Goalkeeper Scores a Goal – 8 points
  • Defender Scores a Goal – 6 points
  • Midfielder Scores a Goal – 5 points
  • Forward Scores a Goal – 4 points
  • Goalkeeper or Defender keeps a clean sheet (and plays for 60+ minutes) – 4 points.
  • Midfielder keeps a clean sheet (and plays for 60+ minutes) – 1 point.
  • An assist (a pass/move that leads directly to a goal) – 3 points.
  • Any save a goalkeeper makes – 0.5 points.
  • The goalkeeper saves a penalty – 5 points.
  • If the team wins in the time that the player is on the pitch – 0.3 points.
  • If a goalkeeper has a shot on goal – 1 point.
  • If a defender has a shot on goal – 0.6 points.
  • Shot on goal by a midfielder or forward – 0.4 points.

However, not everything that happens on a football field is a positive for a team, so a player can also score minus points if certain events happen in a game. Namely.

  • If a defender or goalkeeper concedes two goals – -1 point.
  • If a player scores an own goal – -2 points.
  • If a player misses a penalty – -2 points.
  • If a player gets a yellow card – -1 point.
  • If a player gets a red card – -3 points.
  • If a player concedes a free kick from which a goal is scored – -2 points.
  • If a player commits a foul that sees a penalty awarded – -2 points.
  • If a team loses in the time the player is on the pitch – -0.3 points.

In addition to these penalties, if you have picked more than one defensive player from the same team and that team keeps a clean sheet, then stacking penalties for these players will apply.

  • If a team has 2 defensive players and the team keeps a clean sheet – -1 point for defender 2.
  • If a team has 3 defensive players and the team keeps a clean sheet – -2 points for defender 3.
  • If a team has 4 defensive players and the team keeps a clean sheet – -3 points for defender 4.

What happens if a player I select for my team doesn’t start the game for his Premier League team?

If a player you select does not start the game for his team at the weekend, then the ‘safety net’ rule will come into play.

With safety net in play, any players selected for a fantasy team that do not start or play in the game, are swapped out of the fantasy team with another player in the same position from the same team at or as near to the same value as possible.

So, for example, if you had Manchester City defender Ruben Dias selected in your fantasy team and come the weekend game, Manchester City put him on the bench, the safety net would remove Dias from your team and replace him with another Manchester City defender that is starting but whose value is the same or lower than Dias.

Bet365 Fantasy Sports Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll is a fantastic free game for new and eligible bet365 customers to participate in and we’ll leave you with a selection of strategic tips to help you pick higher-scoring teams when you participate!

Bet365 Fantasy Sports Weekly Big Pick 6 Freeroll Strategy Tips

  • Goalkeepers that have to make a lot of saves in a game can be better value on some game weeks than those likely to keep a clean sheet.
  • Look for defenders that not only have a chance of keeping clean sheets for their team, but who also create chances and are a goal threat, including from set plays and penalties.
  • The best type of midfielders to target tend to be those that assist in goals and score goals. Again players that take set pieces and penalties are good options. Remember too that some players listed as midfielders, tend to play a more forward role (Mo Salah. Son Hyeong-min for example) so these can be wise (if expensive) options.
  • For forwards, you need players that not only score, but assist and who are not substituted too often before the 60-minute mark.
  • Always captain the player that has the most favourable match up and who you think has the best chance of scoring the most points from your six-man team. Your vice-captain should be the next most likely player to score a high number of points.
  • Remember the Player Status indicators are guidelines only Just because a player may be expected to start, doesn’t mean that he will. Fortunately the Safety Net feature will prevent you being penalised harshly for picking a player that doesn’t start the game.
  • Don’t know anything about fantasy sports? Just use the Autocomplete option to enter your three teams every week! Easy!
  • Lastly, remember to enter three teams every time you play and play every game week of the season! This is a free-to-play game and you lose nothing by playing and have a chance to gain tickets into fantasy games where you can win cash the following weekend!

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