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This Is The Virtue That Pays More Than Your Full House

Ever heard the saying “patience is a virtue”? Well, in poker, it’s more than just a virtue. It’s your secret weapon. Your ace in the hole, if you will.

And before you roll your eyes and mutter, “Not another cliché…”, hear us out. Because mastering poker patience is like learn to wait for the bus in the rain without complaining. It’s annoying in the moment, sure. But it can be rewarding too.

But first off, we have to clear something up. Poker patience doesn’t mean sitting there like a statue, waiting for the stars to align and hand you pocket aces. That’s not poker patience, my friend. That is wishful thinking. Patience is actually about biding your time, like a cat waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting pigeon. It’s about making moves at the right time, not all the time. You wouldn’t want to scare off those pigeons at the table before you can make a meal of them, right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I came here to play, not to watch paint dry!”. Of course you did. But think about it. The poker table isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Particularly a tournament. Or to put it in British terms, it’s not a Supermarket Sweep, it’s a queue. And we all know how good the Brits are at queuing, don’t we?

So why is patience so crucial, we hear you crying out? Simple. It keeps you from playing hands you shouldn’t. We’ve all been there, getting antsy and playing a 2-7 offsuit because we’re bored. Spoiler alert: that’s how you end up donating your chips to the other players fund.

Patience also makes you unpredictable. If you’re always jumping into the fray with guns blazing, you’re going to be easy to read. Put simply, the more you play, the more information the other players have on you. However, if you hold back, wait, watch and strike when the time is right, you become the poker equivalent of a ninja. And how doesn’t want to be a ninja?

And let’s not forget about the tilt factor. Lack of poker patience can lead to frustration, which in turn leads to tilt, which in turn leads you to making decisions even a novice would scoff at. Before you know it, you’re all in with a hand that’s so bad, it makes the joker look like a viable card.

Now I hear you mutter, “But how do I become more patient?”. Glad you asked. Start by treating each hand like a cup of tea. You wouldn’t gulp down boiling tea straight from the pot, would you? No, you’d wait for it to cool down, savouring the anticipation. Apply that same principle to poker. Wait for the right moment and your patience will taste just as sweet as that first sip of tea.

And a few practical poker patience tips…

To keep yourself from jumping in all the time, try to keep yourself entertained. Count the patterns on the wallpaper, invent backstories for your fellow players or mentally redecorate the room. Whatever it takes to keep your mind free of the itch to play every hand and cultivate that poker patience. We get it can be a touch habit to break.

But it gets easier the more you practice the art of poker patience. A good way to start practicing your patience is by playing some sessions online. Put on some good music, find a good online poker site (bet365 bonus code if you want to sign up there) and take your time.

Remember to channel your inner Brit the next time you sit down at a poker table. Queue patiently and wait for your moment to shine. Watch as your opponents, drive by impatience, make mistake after mistake while you, the epitome of calm and collected, use poker patience to wait for the perfect moment to strike.


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