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Budget sports dates

Thoughtful Sports Dates On A Budget

Are you looking for some budget sports dates? Fear not! We’ve got a load of exciting and affordable ideas for fun ways for you two to spend time together. You can absolutely embrace the thrill of sports without breaking the bank.

Hiking really is nature’s gift

Hiking is pretty much free, as long as you’ve already got a pair of fairly comfy shoes, so it’s one of the best budget sports dates. Bring your sense of adventure and explore the local nature walks and trails near you. Wherever you are, we’re sure you’ll be able to find breathtaking views to take their breath away. Exercise is a bonus, but what you’re really doing here is making memories together.

Support your local sports teams

Depending on where you live, we’re going to bet your local sports teams have tickets that are way cheaper and easier to get than the big name teams. Pick up a pair of low cost tickets and get ready to experience the excitement live. Cheer on local talent and support your community while you’re at it, making it one of the most memorable budget sports dates you can go on.

Sports bars serve up atmosphere on a budget

Looking for one of the most laid back budget sports dates? Bring your partner on a date to a local sports bar in time for the next big game you’re both looking forward to. Soak in the lively atmosphere and pick up a couple of drinks. It’s one of the easiest ways to feel part of the action.

Cosy sports evening in

Who said budget sports dates have to take place out in the big bad world? Set up a sports night at home for a cost-effective, cosy evening. Put on some lamps, light some candles. Get a few blankets out, throw some cushions on the couch. And make sure you’re well stocked for delicious snacks. If you’re loved one is a footie fan, take a look at the upcoming Premier League fixtures.

Public viewing events

For big sporting events, there are often public viewing parties. They’re usually either free or pretty cheap. You can join other fans in parks or public squares. It’s so fun to experience the game on a large screen in a crowd of other fans.

Sports museums

Sports museums are a real untapped resource when it comes to budget sports dates. If there’s one nearby, why not check it out? Impress your love interest by showing them the stories of inspiring sporting legends. It’s educational and interesting. Plus ticket prices are usually pretty reasonable. And make sure to check if they do discounts on certain days of the month.

Stadium tours

Okay, there are certainly some blow out stadium tour experiences. But take a look at your local stadium and you might just be surprised. If the cost is within your budget sports dates spending limit, it’s a really great idea. You can explore behind the scenes and learn a little more about the history of the team. It’s a thrill to walk the same grounds as professional sportspeople.

Host a trivia night

Does your date also love quizzes? In that case, turn your place into a quiz show and host a sports trivia night. Either keep it to just the two of you for a bit of friendly competition or invite some friends for some double or triple date action. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try a fancy dress theme!

Check out sports workshops or talks

We adore learning more about our favourite sports and a great way to do it is to go to a talk or a workshop about the subject you love the most. You might well find talks in your local library or elsewhere that are free or fairly cheap. It’s a fun way to deepen your sports knowledge together.

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