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Racing Fans Will Adore bet365’s Free 6 Horses Challenge Game!

Try bet365’s free 6 Horses Challenge game to predict your way to a share of one of three cash prize pools!

Bet365 have an exciting game perfect for horse racing fans, and best of all, it is free to play! It’s the free 6 Horses Challenge game and it will test your tipping skills to the max!

The offer is available at selected times at bet365 Sport (selected by the company). When available, it sits along bet365’s full offering of free games. This includes the trio of football prediction games, as well as free options at its bingo, poker, casino, fantasy and games sites.

So what is the free 6 Horses Challenge game? Let’s examine the game in a bit more detail.

Free 6 Horses Challenge

How do I Play the Free 6 Horses Challenge Game?

It’s easy to play the free 6 Horses Challenge game. All you need to do is predict the winners of six pre-selected races.

All six races selected for the game will take place on the same day. The game will be available to enter a short time before the action starts.

Just add your selections to win each race and then click the button to enter your predictions into the game.

That’s it! You can then sit back and relax hoping that four or more of your selections win to earn you a cash prize!

Where Can I Find the Free 6 Horses Challenge Game on the bet365 Site?

When the game is available, you should find the Free Games tab available in the Horse Racing section at bet365 Sport.

If the tab is not there, then it means that the free 6 Horses Challenge game is not available at that time.

When the Free Games tab is showing, click on it. Then click on the 6 Horses Challenge icon that appears. This will load up the entry form.

Then just follow the instructions above to enter your six race winner predictions!

Sit back, relax and hopefully, four or more of your predictions can win. If they do, then you’ll guarantee yourself a cash prize!

What Prizes are Available to Winners of the 6 Horses Challenge?

There are a couple of key things to note about the prizes on offer for the free 6 Horses Challenge prediction game.

Firstly, bet365 has not stated an exact amount that will be available as the top prize for each game. The most recent game had a top prize pool of £25,000 as a guide. However, like the 6 Scores Challenge, bet365 may alter the size of the top prize pool (and the other two prize pools too).

Secondly, each of the prizes shown is a prize pool. That means that all entries that achieve the stated number of correct winning predictions will win an equal share of the prize.

So for example, if bet365 state the top prize is £25,000 and five players correctly predict all six winners. Then each player will receive an equal £5,000 share of that top prize pool.

For each 6 Horses Challenge game bet365 will offer three different prize pools.

  • Smallest Prize Pool – 4 Correct Predictions
  • Medium Prize Pool – 5 Correct Predictions
  • Largest Prize Pool – 6 Correct Predictions

Players are only eligible to win a share of one of the prize pools. So for example, if you land 5 correct predictions, you win a share of the medium prize pool, but don’t win a share of the smallest prize pool.

Does the Free 6 Horses Challenge Game Have Rules or Terms & Conditions?

As is the case with any promotion or game at bet365, the Free 6 Horses Challenge game does have several key terms and conditions attached to the feature. The key issues to note are outlined below.

  • Eligible bet365 customers are allowed one entry per 6 Horses Challenge game.
  • Customers can enter as many individual 6 Horses Challenge games as they like over the season.
  • Entry into the game is completely free.
  • You can enter the game from the moment it is made available on the bet365 Sport site, up until the time that the first race on the entry form starts.
  • My History will show how your recent previous entries into the game have performed.
  • For each different 6 Horses Challenge game, the different prize pools will be displayed on the promotional page.
  • Entrants are only eligible to win a share of one of the prize pool per game.
  • If an entry is a larger prize money winner, then bet365 may contact the account holder to arrange payment and verify their identity.
  • If a meeting or race is abandoned that is part of the entry coupon for any game, then the prize structure for that game will be altered to reflect that.
  • Determination of race results will only be completed after the official result is confirmed following the weigh-in.
  • If a horse wins a race but is subsequently disqualified, then it will be deemed a loser for the purposes of the game.
  • If a race finishes as a dead heat between two or more horses, then all horses contesting the dead heat will be deemed winners for the purposes of the game.

The full list of terms and conditions for the offer can be found on the 6 Horses Challenge promotional page at bet365. However, this page is only available from the Horse Racing section when the promotion is available on the site.

You can get further details about this promotion here at any time.

I’m Not a Horse Racing Fan…Is It Worth Playing the Free 6 Horses Challenge Game?

Yes, it most certainly is worth participating in the completely free 6 Horses Challenge game at bet365.

Like all other free games at bet365, it genuinely is free to enter each time the game is available. Furthermore, it is a free chance to win a share of a cash prize.

There is no downside to this promotion. You don’t have to deposit or place a bet. All you need is an eligible bet365 account.

Not having horse racing knowledge isn’t a big disadvantage as it is a free to play game. You can enter six randomly picked winners if you like. Or you can just study the form of the horses on the bet365 site. Then pick your winners based on that.

Or just select the six favourites for each race as your picks, if you so wish.

It is worthwhile playing the free 6 Horses Challenge Game. Similarly, it is equally worthwhile to play any other free sports, fantasy, bingo, poker or casino game that you can find at bet365.

Does bet365 Offer Any Other Free Games on Its Sites?

Yes, in addition to the Free 6 Horses Challenge game for racing fans, customers at bet365 Sport can also participate in the following free to play games:

  • 6 Scores Challenge – A Football score prediction game.
  • 4 Scores Challenge – Similar to above but used more for international tournaments.
  • Free4All – Football betting market prediction game
  • Goals Giveaway – A random giveaway based on goals scored in 5 weekend matches selected one per day each week.

In addition, you can also find free options at bet365 Bingo (Free Bingo twice daily), bet365 Poker (freeroll poker tournaments), bet365 Casino (free to enter tournaments & free quiz games) and bet365 Games (Free Mercenary X selection game).

There are also free to play games available at bet365 Fantasy each week.

Ten Tips to Get the Most from the Free 6 Horses Challenge at bet365!

Want to know how to get the most from the free 6 Horses Challenge at bet365? Here’s ten simple tips to follow or remember for this offer!

  1. Remember this is a completely FREE game. You have nothing to lose by playing.
  2. It is more important to enter, even if you randomly select horses, than not entering. If you are not in the game, you cannot win the game.
  3. If you have time, a little research on each race can help you narrow down the potential winners.
  4. Remember, all winnings you receive are completely free of a wagering requirement! That means you can withdraw your winnings if you wish.
  5. Play every time the promotion is available. The more you enter, the more chances you have of earning a prize.
  6. Expert horse racing knowledge is not required. You can randomly select horses to win or complete a little research before making your picks. Remember, you are not wagering any of your own cash. You stand to lose nothing.
  7. Check back to the Horse Racing page frequently (once a day) to see if the free 6 Horses Challenge is available.
  8. In addition to the 6 Horses Challenge, enter as many free gaming options as possible at bet365 each week. This gives yourself a chance of winning prizes in those games too.
  9. Set up a routine each week to ensure you enter as many of the free games to play at bet365!
  10. Don’t expect to win – this is a tough challenge to land a win from. But remember, every week some entrants will win. And if you don’t enter, then it won’t be you.

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