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pocket aces in poker

Crushing The Competition With Pocket Aces

Pocket aces in poker are so damn sweet.

When you get dealt them it’s like a gift from the poker gods. We love them. You love them. It’s hard not to jump for joy when you have those babies sitting in front of you.

But listen, it’s important you don’t get carried away. You’ve still got to keep your head in the game, whatever cards you’ve been dealt.

What are the chances of getting pocket aces in poker?

You’ve got a one in 221 chance of getting dealt pocket aces on any given hand. So it’s not like it never happens. But it certainly won’t happen for you during every poker session. Unless you’re very lucky or you’re playing for a really long time (which we don’t recommend).

And what are the chances I’ll win with them?

If you’ve been around the block with poker like we have, you know a million and one things influence your chances of winning a hand in poker. But we’re going to keep things simple here. If you’re playing heads-up when you get dealt pocket aces in poker games like hold’em, you’ve got an 85% chance of taking down the pot.

Starting strong with pocket aces in poker

The magic begins pre-flop with pocket aces in poker. Let’s face it, in most cases, you’re already holding the winning hand. So raise the stakes and build that pot. Narrow down the competition and zero-in on opponents with strong hands.

How to extract value

Depending on the type of player you’re up against, gigantic bets might scare them off. But keeping players in the pot with smaller bets can lead them in and get your pot nice and fat for when you swoop in and take it. We also think it’s smart to play slowly. Like we mean don’t automatically go in there with a pre-determined bet. Make your fellow players think you’re really mulling it over.

Mind the board

Pay close attention to the community cards that come out on the flop, turn and river. Because there’s a chance these cards might just scupper your plans. Think about if the board might enable your opponents to make a flush or a straight. And if they do, get your cockiness in check with those pocket aces.

Keep an eye on betting patterns

It always pays to keep an eye on what your opponents are doing on the felt. And you can’t get away with ignoring this, even if you do have pocket aces in your hand (or on your screen, as the case may be). If they suddenly increase their bets and the board looks promising, watch your back.

Playing with pocket aces in poker online

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