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Shifting Chips: Common Online Missteps For Live Poker Enthusiasts

Are you a live player who wants to dabble in the digital world? Well then you’re going to want to know the most common online poker mistakes and how to avoid them.

Even if you’re well used to playing in person, online poker really is a different beast. We’re going to run you through all the most common online poker mistakes live players make when they step into the digital world.

Common online poker mistakes

Playing too many hands

It’s tempting, isn’t it? Online poker speeds through hands at a rate live games just can’t match. This pace can seduce you into playing more hands than you really should. But discipline is key. Just because you can play a buttload of hands, doesn’t mean you should. So stick to your usual live strategy or try out a tight-aggressive approach, at least until you get comfortable. Don’t let the fast pace lure you into loosening up too much and biting off more than you can chew.

Misreading the table dynamics

It’s true that online tables lack physical presence, and that can make it a little trickier to read opponents. You can’t see their twitches, smiles or frowns. But that doesn’t mean table dynamics don’t exist. Many live players struggle without these physical tells and fail to adjust their strategies accordingly. The best thing to do here is to focus on betting patterns and timing instead. These are your new tells on the virtual felt.

Ignoring the importance of position

One of the most common online poker mistakes that live players make is forgetting about position. Some live players stop thinking about position because the roles can change much quicker online. But remember, it’s still excellent to be in late position and it still sucks to be the little blind. This, my friend, is universal.

Over-reliance on pre-flop play

Live players often rely heavily on preflop aggression to dominate the table. Online, however, you’ll encounter more players who are prepped with strategies for post-flop play. If you don’t adapt and plan for the entire hand, you’ll easily find yourself outmanoeuvred.

Neglecting table selection

In a live setting, you might not have that many tables to choose from. So it’s no wonder that people who usually play live fall into one of those common online poker mistakes where they are blinded by the choice in the digital sphere. Lots of live players jump into the first game they find. But this approach isn’t smart. Table selection is a critical skill in online poker and it’s not that hard to master. Look for tables with higher percentages of flops seen and average pots. They tend to be more profitable in the long term.

Underestimating bet sizing

Without physical chips in front of you, you might struggle with online bet sizing. Live players often over-bet to intimidate opponents or under-bet to try to lure them in. Until you get the hang of things, try go for a consistent bet sizing based on the situations that crop up in your games. It helps mask your hand strength and keeps your strategy fluid.

Failing to adjust to different player types

Online, you’ll face a broader range of player types. One of the most common online poker mistakes is not realising that. Some might be aggressive, others more passive. Live players often assume their standard approaches will work against everyone. But that mistake can be costly. Adapt your play style based on the tendencies of your opponents.

Not playing at a trustworthy site

The biggest of all the online poker mistakes you should avoid is to play in some crummy site. Make sure you find a big name online poker room that is well respected and trusted. In our opinion, one of the best places you can find is bet365. Plus we have this bet365 bonus code up our sleeve to make your transition an even happier one!


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