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Everyone loves being in a late position at the poker table. There are so many good things about it. But most people don’t employ good on the button strategy to take even more advantage out of their advantages.

We’re going to take you through some of the ways you can make sure you make the most of you position. Then next time you’re on the button, you can be sure that you’re squeezing every last drop of benefits out of it.

Is on the button strategy more important online or in person?

Whether multi-tabling at your favourite online poker room (speaking of, bet365 bonus code here) or high-rolling at one of the world’s fanciest casinos, on the button strategy matters for you.

From PLO to Hold’em to Six Plus and from tournaments to cash games, late position always makes a difference. Okay, it might not be as pronounced when you’re playing against fewer players, for example in heads-up situations or at three-seater Twisters, but you can still work it in your favour to some extent.

And that’s why taking note of these on the button strategy tips is so important for your game.

Pay attention to what everyone else does before you make your move

Sometimes newbies think that there are hard and fast hands you can and can’t play. To a certain degree, we agree with that. Folding in some situations can be really smart.

However, poker is also a game about interacting with others. Your play can and should change depending on how your opponents react.

On the button strategy is about being flexible. You’re in the perfect position to see how a hand is playing out before striking. Take in what your opponents are doing and adjust your play accordingly.

Tight players can get a little looser with on the button strategy

Depending on your style of play, you might be included to only play really strong hands. However, when you’re on the button, you can increase the range of hands it makes sense to play.

That’s because you’re in a natural position of power. So you can afford to be a bit more loosey goosey than you would in an earlier position. For example, late position players can generally go with playing:

  • Any two cards of 10 or higher
  • Two consecutive cards
  • Any pocket pair

An ideal spot for blind stealing

On the button strategy is all about building up that chip stack. And one quick and easy way to do that is pot stealing.

When you’re on the button and a few players before you are unenthusiastically limping in, it might be the perfect time to go in with a punchy raise and steal those blinds.

Lower your chances of getting caught out in a bluff

Bluffing is not a simple thing to do. But being in this late position means that you can see how they’re playing a hand. You can pick the perfect time to carry out a good bluff and see it through.

The ball is in their court, so you can manage your reactions, bets, raises and re-raises to suit the narrative of your bluff.


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