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Five Hints And Tips To Start In Play Betting More Profitably With Bet365 Sport

Given the amount of times that you will see Ray Winstone’s cheery face appear on screen urging you to “Bet In Play…Now” with Bet365 before and during a major sporting event, it is fair to say Bet365 On The Move Bonus Mobilethat Bet365 Sports In Play betting service is now one of its most important and notable features.

To enjoy In Play betting at Bet365, you do need to be a customer with the company. Any Bet365 account holder can participate whether you joined via any other Bet365 site as your one account can give you access to all. So if you have joined via Bet365 Poker’s bonus code offer, then you can still bet In Play on sports via your Poker log in.

What is certainly true about In Play betting is that it is somewhat different to traditional forms of sports betting. For one, there is a very large time element involved with these kinds of bets and timing when to place your bet is almost as crucial as picking the right bet to place.

The aim of every In Play punter on every In Play bet is to place a bet on a market at the right time to get the best possible odds for the outcome you believe will see the bet win. That means that you need to be able to place your bet quickly and simply as often, the odds on In Play betting markets can change very quickly from one moment to the next.

This simple fact changes the dynamic of betting and means that In Play betting is very much a case of making the right bet, but also at the right time. That means that you need to be more sure of your chosen bets even more so than on a traditional pre match betting market.

So with that in mind, we have outlined five simple tips you can follow in order for you to not only enjoy In Play betting, but to do so with a greater chance of landing a decent bet.

Tip 1 – Always bet on a sport you are familiar with

It goes without saying that if you are to bet successfully on a sporting event, then the more knowledge you have about that sport in particular, how betting tends to go in these events and on the teams or competitors taking part in the event, the more informed your chosen In Play bets will be.

It may be tempting to simply ‘have a flutter’ on a sporting event that is running at the time you log in to the Bet365 In Play betting site, but to do so isn’t particularly strategic and you run the risk of making some poorly judged bets if you limit your options to betting when you can log in.

As such, Bet365 Sport offers a schedule of events that it will Live Stream or you can also tune in to events live on TV or via Satellite subscription channels and often, Bet365 will have In Play betting available on these. Pick an event you are familiar with and confident with betting on and then start your In Play betting with this event, rather than simply what is available when you log in.

Tip 2 – Always bet on a sporting event that you can watch

Bet365 TennisThis is actually much easier than it sounds, especially on Bet365 Sport. Not only can you bet in play on a wide range of top sporting events that you can watch on television, but there is also a very lengthy schedule of sporting events that are freely available to Bet365 Sport customers (with a credit balance account) via the sites Live Streaming service.

You can tune into Bet365 Sport at any time and listed down the left hand side of the In Play betting home page is a list of events taking place at this moment and those that Bet365 hold a live stream of are identified by having a television icon next to them.

Click on that event and if you are logged in and have a credit balance on your account, you will be able to watch the Live Stream of that event. Bet365 offers this service across a wide range of sports (details of which can be found in the section entitled Schedule).

Tip 3 – Place your bets quickly and decisively, hesitancy can be costly

We have already stated that when In Play betting, the timing of your bet is crucial to obtaining the price you want for the bet you want. As such, you need to be able to place your chosen bets quickly and without hesitancy.

If you are a punter that adds selections to a bet slip, then reviews other options and then a few minutes later goes back to make the bet, then this approach will not work in In Play betting as by the time you come to place the bet, it is likely the odds will have changed and in some cases, may no longer be available.

As such, not only do you need to be able to identify the bets you want to make quickly, but you need to add them to your bet slip and then place the bet, before the betting on that market is suspended, or the odds change. This is relatively straightforward on a laptop or desktop PC, but may require a little practice to get quick at on a mobile phone.

Tip 4 – Manage your bankroll effectively by sizing your bets appropriately

Enjoying In Play betting for the longer term, like almost all other forms of betting, is fundamentally reliant on the punter being able to manage their bankroll effectively. If, for example, you have Jackpot Sit & Go CHallenge£20 in your account to bet with, you would not want to risk the entire £20 on a single In Play bet.

In Play betting is more about betting on markets that can be resolved quickly as the match is in progress and as such, punters who In Play bet tend to place more than one bet on the same event. As such, ensuring that you make the right size of bet in terms of cost to you relative to your bankroll is crucial.

Of course, you should never bet more than you can afford to lose, but with In Play betting and the nature of it, you should also ensure that you can afford to enjoy the full In Play session from your funds, rather than just making a single bet using all your money that could see you lose all your cash quickly if the bet does not come in.

Tip 5 – Try different In Play betting markets, the most popular may not be the most profitable

The final tip is to remember to take a look at the different In Play betting markets available for your chosen event and to perhaps try out some of the less well known markets as these can be every bit as profitable as the more commonly played bets.

On some events, Bet365 offer over 50 different In Play betting markets and with new markets being added all the time for events across a wide range of sports, there is now more opportunity than ever to find a profitable market on a sporting event.

So remember to take time, ideally right at the start of the event in question, to look through all the available In Play markets. The bigger the event, the more In Play markets there will likely be to bet on and if you find the right ones, you can find them an extremely profitable way to bet.

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