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How NFL Quarterbacks Have Performed This Season – By Poker Hand Values

Following on from our Poker Rankings for all 32 NFL teams, here’s our rankings for QB performances this season !

You may recall a few weeks back that we took a look at how the 32 teams in the NFL had performed at the midway point of the season, ranking their performance by the 10 Poker Hand values.

Well, this week we are back and this time we are ranking the quarterback’s performance for their team over the course of the season so far.

This list will feature players that have started all or some of the games and will include back-up quarterbacks who have played a significant number of snaps so far this season.

By that we mean someone who has played at least a couple of full games for their team, so we have enough data to make at least a basic evaluation of their performance.

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So without any further ado, let’s get cracking with our Poker Hand Ranking evaluation of the quarterbacks in this season’s NFL so far.

Quarterbacks currently injured are indicated and Rookies are denoted with an R after their name.

Image by Gina Janosch from Pixabay

NFL QB Performance By Poker Hand Rankings

Royal Flush

Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Tua Tagovailoa (Miami Dolphins)
  • CJ Stroud (Houston Texans) R

We’ve got four QBs who we feel deserve the highest ranking of a Full House for their performances so far this season. Of the four, two are probably expected to be here in the shape of Jalen Hurts of the Eagles and Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs. These are arguably amongst the best QBs in the NFL right now and have proven so over the last few years.

You also can’t overlook Tua Tagovailoa, who has led the Dolphins to a number of NFL offensive records over the first half of the season. Not bad for a QB who was rumoured to be retiring from the game last post season due to the concussions he suffered last year.

Last up has to be the Texans QB CJ Stroud. Not even in the Texans wildest dreams could they have hoped for any more from their Rookie QB who has some of the most impressive figures and stats of any QB in NFL history as a rookie. The Texans seem to have a special talent at QB.

Straight Flush

Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)
  • Jared Goff (Detroit Lions)

Just two quarterbacks qualify with a straight flush and both have had superb seasons so far. Lamar Jackson of the Ravens has added some passing polish to his dominant running game and while he has a little to learn, especially on the deeper routes, he is the main reason the Ravens are 7-3.

Jared Goff was written off as a QB by many when he was traded away to Detroit, but under Dan Campbell he has improved year on year and is now one of the most reliable QBs in the NFL and has played a key role in the Lions excellent 7-2 start.


Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Geno Smith (Seattle Seahawks)

There’s not much better than a full house which is why we have just two QBs holding four of a kind. The first is Dak Prescott of the Cowboys, who would be ranked higher apart from three losses on the season.

Geno Smith has been excellent once again for the Seahawks and was immense in this weekend’s win over the Commanders which moved him up a ranking.

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

Full House

Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Brock Purdy (San Francisco 49ers)
  • Joshua Dobbs (Arizona Cardinals/Minnesota Vikings)

Just three quarterbacks have a full house of performances. Trevor Lawrence is maturing into the quarterback that the Jaguars hoped he would be when they drafted him first a couple of years ago. At the other end of the draft, Mr Irrelevant in 2021, Brock Purdy, has cemented himself as the 49ers first choice back with some excellent performances and bounced back well after 3 defeats before the bye week.

A special mention here too for Joshua Dobbs, who started the season with the Cardinals before being traded to the Vikings after Cousins injury. With barely any time to learn the playbook he has since been unbeaten as Vikings QB, posting some exceptional numbers across his first couple of games.


Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Sam Howell (Washington Commanders)
  • Derek Carr (New Orleans Saints)
  • Deshaun Watson (Cleveland Browns)
  • Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings) – Injured
  • Russell Wilson (Denver Broncos)

There’s a real mix of quarterbacks holding the flush here, some who have been a bit below their usual standard, others that have improved. Joe Burrow and Kirk Cousins began the season slowly but both have improved massively since, but unfortunately Cousins injury is long term and he won’t be back this season. Deshaun Watson is another that has improved, along with Russell Wilson. Derek Carr has been solid for the Saints but could be on the sideline for a bit after an injury last weekend, though this is not confirmed. Sam Howell is the interesting one as he has probably exceeded expectations for the Commanders and has thrown for the most yards in the NFl this season.


Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)
  • Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers)
  • Baker Mayfield (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • Anthony Richardson (Indianapolis Colts) – Injured R
  • Will Levis (Tennessee Titans) R

Two top ranking quarterbacks find themselves holding just a straight after the season so far as Josh Allen and Justin Herbert find themselves on teams with a 0.500 record or worse. Baker Mayfield has done a fine job as an unexpected stand in for the Buccaneers but they also have a record around the 0.500 mark.

The two rookies listed here are Anthony Richardson who had a solid start as Colts QB before succumbing to injury, while Will Levis has shown some real poise for Tennessee after starting the season as third choice and he is now the new starting QB in Tennessee after having a 4 touchdown 0 Int debut against the Falcons a few weeks back.


Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Gardiner Minshew (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals)
  • Matthew Stafford (Los Angeles Rams) – Injured
  • Justin Fields (Chicago Bears) – Injured
  • Cooper Rush (Dallas Cowboys)

There are some really surprising names on this list including two injured stars in Matt Stafford and Justin Fields, who have not had the best of seasons and are now out injured. Cooper Rush is a solid back up in Dallas who has had limited game time, while Kyler Murray has just come back from injury and has already led the Cardinals to a win in his first appearance this season.

Gardiner Minshew has filled in nicely for Anthony Richardson at the Colts, but they are still only a 5-5 team.

Two Pairs

Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Taylor Heinicke (Atlanta Falcons)
  • Aidan O’Connell (Las Vegas Raiders) R
  • Tyson Bagent (Chicago Bears) R
  • Jameis Winston (New Orleans Saints)
  • PJ Walker (Cleveland Browns)

Now we are into the hands where people can go one of two ways. Improve and get better, or hit nothing on the flop, turn or river and get worse. For me I think O’Connell, Bagent and Pickett are the players likely to get better from thus group.

Walker could do so, but has limited game time behind Deshaun Watson in Cleveland. Heinicke is a serviceable back up but seems destined to only fulfil that role while Jameis Winston’s best days are behind him and he will now back up Derek Carr in New Orleans.


Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Desmond Ridder (Atlanta Falcons)
  • Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans) – Injured
  • Jordan Love (Green Bay Packers)
  • Bryce Young (Carolina Panthers) R
  • Zach Wilson (New York Jets)
  • Andy Dalton (Carolina Panthers)
  • Mitchell Trubisky (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Jaren Hall (Minnesota Vikings) R

While not a total bust, it hasn’t been the best of seasons for these quarterbacks. Ridder has been under pressure all season at the Falcons and it has affected his play. Tannehill started poorly and was then injured, Jordan Love is yet to prove he can fill Aaron Rodgers boots in Green Bay while first pick in the draft Bryce Young has struggled to get anything going with the Panthers offense.

Jets QB Zach Wilson would have been in the ranking below, but for some better performances of late which have improved his hand a little. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Aaron Rodgers but at least he is seemingly starting to improve.

High Card

Qualifying NFL Quarterbacks

  • Mac Jones (New England Patriots)
  • Bailey Zappe (New England Patriots)
  • Malik Willis (Tennessee Titans)
  • Jimmy Garoppolo (Las Vegas Raiders) – Injured
  • Daniel Jones (New York Giants) – Injured
  • Tyler Thigpen (New York Giants) – Injured
  • Tommy DeVito (New York Giants) R
  • Clayton Tune (Arizona Cardinals) R
  • Brett Rypien (Los Angeles Rams/Free Agent)
  • Aaron Rodgers (New York Jets) Injured
  • Brian Hoyer (Las Vegas Raiders)

All the quarterbacks on this list have had a miserable season for one reason or another. It’s been a particularly sour for Jimmy Garoppolo as his move to the Raiders hasn’t worked out. Daniel Jones has had a nightmare time for the Giants, while Rookies Devito and Tune have struggled behind woeful lines of the Giants and Cardinals respectively.

The strangest name on this list is Aaron Rodgers who after a superstar career in Green Bay moved to the Jets and snapped his achilles after just four snaps for his new team. A late season return is viewed as possible and if he does, then we’re sure he’ll zoom up these rankings pretty quickly.

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