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SkyBet And Bet365: A Guide To Non-Sports Betting Markets

SkyBet is a betting site that is most commonly associated with sports betting, as indeed almost all online betting sites are.

It is easy to see why sports betting is such an obvious attraction with a Bet365 Non Sports Bettingvast number of sports to choose from, with a vast number of possible markets available on each event within each sport, not to mention In Play betting, no wonder the vast majority of bets wagered every week are in the realm of sports.

However, there are occasions when other aspects of life can interject into what is usually the preserve of the athletic and competitive. Just occasionally, some punters may wish to expand their horizons beyond the sporting and delve into the world of non-sports betting.

So if you fancy a punt on politics, a flutter on the Financials markets, a wager on who will be the winner of X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, or you think you know who will win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, then the information contained within this blog post may well be of great interest to you.

Non sports betting on SkyBet

When it comes to SkyBet, there are essentially two different options you have available when you want to bet on non-sporting events. These are listed in the A-Z Sports section and these bets are listed under the headings of Politics and TV and Film Specials.

In the Politics section you can bet on a number of different markets, many very similar to those that you would find on Bet365 Sports. Some of the different types of bets available are:

  • Bets on the next General Election – Such as what year it will take place, which party will end up with the most seats in the next election and which party will win the election.
  • Party Specific Bets – This inclused bets on who will be the next leader of the two main political parties in the UK, as well as a bet on when the current Prime Minister of the UK will step down from the post.
  • EU Referendum Bets –Markets are available on when the EU Referendum will take place and what the result of that referendum will be.
  • London Mayor – You can also place bets on the outcome of the next London Mayor electios, including who will be named the next mayor, what political party they will represent and even who the candidate for mayor will be as appointed by their political party.
  • US President – If you have an interest in US Politics you can also place bets on who the next Presidential Election Winner will be, which party they will represent and who the candidates for presidency will be from the two main political parties in the United States.

The other major market for non-sports betting on SkyBet is the TV and Film Specials tab and as the name suggests, all the bets in this section are to do with both forms of media and in particular, shows and films that are extremely popular with viewers.

In this section you can bet on popular TV shows when they are being shown on the television, so not all bets are available at all times. Programmes such as X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother are the kinds of shows that most commonly have odds available on them, chiefly for the winner of each show.

One thing to remember is that betting on these shows is only available when the programme is being aired on the television, or the film is in the cinema. So when you place the bet is important if you want to have the widest choice of TV and Film Special bets available.

If you’d like to have a look for yourself, don’t forget to get a Sky no deposit bonus code before you head to the site to make a new account.

Non sports betting on Bet365

Bet365 Financials BetsNon-Sports betting with Bet365 Sport is organised slightly differently than on the SkyBet site.

With Bet365, there are two distinct non-sports betting markets and these are Financials and Specials.

Of the two, Financials is the more prominent market having both a quick link in the A-Z list as well as a tab at the top of the page alongside all the other Bet365 betting and gambling sites.

Financials betting with Bet365 (and if you are a new customer, be sure you click the link to learn more about Bet365 no deposit bonus offers) is about betting on two different types of markets and more specifically, how these markets will perform over a stated time period, which can be five minutes, one hour or a 24-hour period.

The two markets you can get on are Stock Exchange Index Rates (markets for four Stock Markets around the globe are available, DAX, SENSEX, FTSE and WALL ST).

The other betting available is on the performance of currency exchange rates, which features several currencies from around the globe including the American and Australian Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert on finance or currency exchanges in order to bet. As what you are betting on is by how much, or how little the market will fluctuate from a given point in the day. The greater the fluctuation in the market over your chosen time period, the longer the odds of the bet.

Essentially you are betting on what the market will be like 5 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day from the time you place the bet and by how much it will have changed either by increasing in price, or decreasing in price.  The greater the change you predict, the greater the odds of the bet.

Of course, as Stock Market Index prices and Currency Exchange Rates are real time markets, their price changes constantly and as it does, so does the odds on the bets you wish to make.

There are other modifications you can make to how your bets are displayed, you can opt for moving odds or static odds for example, However the form of betting you are placing on each market remains essentially the same, it is just how the odds are presented on the bets that alters.

The other form of non-sports betting on Bet365 is the Specials section which is split up into geographic areas of the world. Clicking on these areas brings up all the forms of non-sports bets available for that area.

For example, clicking on the United Kingdom option brings up bets on UK Political bets (many of the same bets as we covered in the SkyBet section above are present), as well as bets on British TV shows and there are also bets available on awards and prizes handed out each year (such as the BBC TV Sports Personality prize and the Man Booker prize)

Each geographic region has bets pertaining to it, so for example, North American bets would focus on US and Canadian politics, award shows, prizes and TV and Films and so on for other countries listed.

It is fair to say that between SkyBet and Bet365 Sport, there is a solid choice of non-sports betting markets available nowadays and punters have a wider choice than ever before of a range of betting markets from the worlds of politics and TV and film in particular.

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