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Get Crafty With These Casino Presents

Today we’re going to teach you all about the joys of casino present crafting.

If you need something thoughtful for a casino-loving friend, you don’t need to hit the high street or break the bank. With a bit of creativity and things you probably already have lying around. you can create really lovely casino-themed presents.

These DIY ideas are not only budget-friendly, they’re also really personal and unique. Whether it’s for a birthday, a thank you, the holidays or just because, these presents will bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Personalised playing cards

Sure, there are lots of decks of cards you can buy. But personalising your own is something special. Plus, it’s easy.

Simply grab a deck of playing cards. Then use stickers and markers to add initials and a special message on the box. You can also decorate the backs of the cards, but make sure they’re identical or else they might get a few hints when they’re using them to play!

Or why not draw a few funny faces/add some accessories to the royals. See if they can keep a straight face when they’re dealt a Jack with a particularly flamboyant hat…

Once you’re done, simply tie with a ribbon and you’re all set.

Casino night invitation

Whether you want to throw them a casino party, surprise them with a Vegas trip or simply take them to the local casino, a casino night invitation is a cute touch.

Grab a spare card or thick paper. Decorate it with casino-themed stickers or drawings. Write your invitation (bonus points if you take the time for fancy calligraphy-style writing). Then roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a ribbon.

DIY casino chip coasters

A lovely touch if you’re a little bit arty. Get some thick cardboard circles and paint them in bright colours. Add casino chip details using a marker or paint. Then either laminate them or simply seal with clear nail polish or a little extra durability.

Bake your own chips

Speaking of chips, you might want to have a go at baking some for your pal. This is such an easy thing to do if you’re at all interested in baking. Follow our simple recipe to find out how.

Handmade dice keychain

Who doesn’t love a quirky keychain? Simply find some old dice, or even paint up some wooden cubes yourself. Then drill a small hole and attach a keyring. With a keychain that cute, we bet they’ll never lose their keys again!

Scratchcard bouquet

Okay, this is our favourite idea out of all these casino present crafting ideas. For a bouquet that will be way more thrilling than the purely floral option, why not go for this option…

Collect some scratch cards. Arrange them in a regular floral bouquet, all tied together with lots of ribbon and present to your friends. Super unexpected and super fun!

Invitation to your favourite online casino

How about this for a fun (and free!) idea? If you know for a fact that your friend isn’t signed up to your favourite online casino, you can write up a handmade invitation with a list of a few reasons you love it and why they might like it too. You can even include a bonus code, if you have one.

Speaking of, we’ve got a bet365 bonus code, if you want to pass it on to your friend (or yourself, if you’re not yet a player there!).

And if you need a few more ideas…

We’ve got even more ideas for your casino-loving pals, as well as some for poker fans and sports followers too. So enjoy!


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