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European roulette FAQs

European Roulette’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to European roulette FAQs, there are so many we could cover.

And to cover every single question anyone in the world might ask would take us a whole pile of time to write and a whole pile of time to read.

So instead. we’ve taken a more sensible approach. Today we’re going to give you the most commonly asked European roulette FAQs. Then we’re going to tackle them in our patented no-nonsense, straightforward way.

So after reading them, you’ll be in no doubt as to what the core tenets of European roulette are. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to walk into a casino (bricks and mortar or virtual) and spin the wheel confident that you know exactly what your doing.

From betting types down to odds, you’ll be totally aware and ready to tackle what’s going on. If you also want to make a little roulette small talk while you’re there, maybe you should read our history of roulette too.

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European roulette FAQs

What’s the difference between European roulette and American roulette?

It’s all in a 0. Both games feature number slots from 1 through to 36. However, in European roulette there’s a single 0 and in American roulette there are two 0s.

Are the odds better in European or American roulette?

The house advantage in European roulette is 2.63%, which is better than that of its transatlantic cousin. American roulette has a house advantage of 5.26%. Why is there a difference at all? Well it’s all down to that extra zero in American roulette.

Who is a croupier in roulette?

The person who takes your bets.

Who is a chef de partie?

In roulette, a chef de partie is the person who supervises the game.

What does faites vos jeux mean in roulette?

It means place your bets.

What does rien ne va plus?

The literal translation of rien ne va plus in English is nothing is going right. But in roulette, it means, no more bets.

What is en prison in roulette?

This is the term used when a ball lands on a zero after you place a 1:1 bet.

What are the high risk bets and payouts in roulette?

A straight up bet (betting on a single number or zero) in roulette is the highest risk bet, but it also pays out the most at 35:1.

Next up is a 17:1 pay out for split bets, which are on adjacent numbers. Then there are the 11:1 pay outs on street bets, which are a row of three numbers. There are also corner bets, which are a group of four numbers and there’s a 8:1 pay out for them.

What are the medium risk bets in roulette?

Medium risk bets in roulette are line bets (which are on groups of six), they have a pay out of 5:1. Then you’ve got 2:1 payouts for column or dozen bets, as you might expect, they are on groups of 12 numbers. Next you’ve got the lowest risk bets, with a 1:1 payout. These are colour bets, odd/even bets and high/low bets.


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